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    Every single thing about this plugin, the pro version, the support & the company who makes it is one of the worst experience I’ve had with any plugin for wordpress.

    Stay Away!

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  • Plugin Author sethshoultes


    Instead of just coming in here and ranting. It would sure be nice if users that post comments like this would be more constructive, give some background information, and tell us how we can improve.

    Same experience I’ve had. The feed back is in the title “Terrible code, bad support”.
    I’ll add defensive of any negative feedback. I paid for this plugin after reading a glowing review, However when I actually began to try and integrate the plugin for my needs and started looking through the code, I realised what a complete mess it was. After many hours of work I gave up and moved to Events Manager Pro. The code is clean the support is class and it just works brilliantly.

    Events Espresso tries to do too much and doesn’t do any of it well.



    Hi Seth,

    I gave plenty of feedback, information and constructive input over emails and forum tickets over a span of several months. directly to you guys instead of in public.

    But it all fell on deaf ears. Do you really want me to elaborate in public how and why this plugin and it’s support is so bad? Probably not. But I did want to at least give a warning to newcomers to stay away.

    Should I post the date in which you announced the anticipated 3.2/4.0 version that never arrived? What was it, over a year ago? Should i list the NEVERENDING multitude of ways in which the plugin continues to break?

    I told you guys directly plenty, but it seems you put more time and effort into marketing and fluff instead of fixing what’s broken or improve your code.

    I rarely see a plugin and company that do so many thing so badly on so many level that I makes me feel compelled to rant publicly about it. That’s how bad my experience was.

    It’s not ALL bad, the concept is good and in terms of feature list your plugin (with extensions) is the most advanced but its worth less between your pricing and bad code and bad support.

    I was dreaming of the day that you guys will pull yourself together and become the ultimate event plugin but day never arrived. So much potential, wasted. In the meantime your competition is building up better systems.

    Plugin Author sethshoultes


    I totally agree with you that this version is not for everyone, has had some problems along the way, and doesn’t have the greatest of code, however it DOES work for most people. If you truly want to chase away potential customers, and try to make us fail, then by all means, please feel free to post whatever you like. That’s your right dude. Just because you found it lacking in some way, doesn’t mean it is the wrong solution for everyone. Most of our users still find our products very useful and will continue to save time and money over more expensive alternative solutions.

    Our entire team also feels your pain about 3.2/4.0. We haven’t released either version because we want to release a superior product that has clean code, as few bugs as possible, is easier to maintain and add new features to, and uses WordPress standards. These versions didn’t meet these standards, so we scrapped them and have started over. We made a mistake and told our customers about these versions prematurely and have paid dearly for it. However, in order to keep supporting the current version and developing the next best thing, we will continue to sell support for the current working version. As a matter of fact, we haven’t spent a dime on advertising in over a year and a half, because we feel the money is better spent on making a better product for our users and fixing bugs in or current release. Also, we have added a few new products over the past year, because we feel these products help make our users lives a little easier.

    Another thing. We have listened to your (and everyone else’s) feedback and suggestions. We just haven’t been able to implement all of it in our current working version. We feel it’s better to implement these in a better product. We just aren’t discussing this product until it’s ready.

    Thank you and have a happy new year! We hope to redeem ourselves soon 🙂

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