• When this plugin is activated, Main Header Navigation only displays if a user is signed in. Public users cannot see the navigation. All other plugins are disabled and the cache is clear. In case he tries to respond properly now.

    Here is the support you will receive…

    Me: “When I activate your plugin, the Main Nav header is only visible to logged in users. Is this a bug that will be addressed in the future? Is there a workaround for it? Thank you”

    Janos: “If a category is part of the menu, but the current user has no access to any posts within it then it gets removed from the menu for the current user only. If this is your case as well, then it is not a bug, but a feature.”

    Me: “This is not the case. All posts are public. All categories are public. All menu items are categories. No menu items show unless signed in. They should see all posts. There are no private posts.”

    Janos: “Hmm. Why do you need my plugin then?”

    That is your support everyone. Good luck. Would rate this plugin 0 stars if it let me. Definitely, do not and will not ever use your plugin.

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