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  • The plugin is actually designed to whitelist the admin. And if it doesn’t you can do it manually yourself. As for your users, what was the reason they were blocked? Are they on a spam tolerant network?

    It is comments like this that make me glad I am giving up on it. I wonder what happened to the CAPTCHA I added? I guess it did not work for this guy.


    @kpgraham – giving up on what? Please do not tell me you are giving up on this plugin – I think it is awesome. I use it on every website I manage. Short of an issue with the way Google Authenticator worked, this plugin has been a solid addition to our spam-fighting efforts.

    I wouldn’t worry about the OP’s comment as all they seem to do is complain.

    Some people just don’t get it. That’s why plugins like yours has so many configurable options. And if they can’t get it to work for their setup, they should find something else. The one size fit all does not always apply in web development.

    I’m guessing its a child or a very immature adult. It’s one thing if they’d purchased the plugin but to hurl childish insults at the hard work product they’ve downloaded for free is clearly the mind of a child.

    This plugin locked me (admin) and EVERY user out of both my websites. This is as bad as a virus!

    LOL. Finally realized that you’re one of the bad guys. What’s your IP please?

    This plugin is state-of-the-art and works on four sites without any problems from the first day on.

    Thanks, Keith!

    The poster is nuts. This plugin flat kicks ass. 982 spammers stopped for since 3/6. Zero false positives. A small number have slipped past but I can handle that– they were easy enough to identify.

    Keith, PLEASE ignore the trolls and naysayers. They exist everywhere. PLEASE keep this plugin active. I’ll do whatever I can to support you. I haven’t seen a donate link but I’ll look harder. I’ll shout it out on every social media channel. Whatever it takes!

    This plugin has single-handedly let me focus on the important aspects of our site without sweating the jerks of the Internet. If it dies… I don’t want to think about it…

    @texrat “Like” “+1”

    The plug-in is extremely useful and efficient. I agree with all comments here. Keith, I think most of people like the plugin, plus it is confirmed with the good marks you received.

    ian3145 is really not fair and immature. If he is not happy, then he should either write his own plugin, use other plugins or deal with spam manually.

    Best regards

    Alexandre 8)

    Heh, my site reports 67658 spammers blocked. That is not bad for a “horrible plugin”, not bad at all 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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