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    I get that this plugin is an answer to the rising share of Wix and Squarespace. However I think the reason why people choose these two platforms other than the self-hosted WordPress is their simplicity, not their block style of editing.

    To be honest, at first I was glad that there would be a block style of editing, I was thinking it could actually be faster for editing and better organized, I was wrong.

    I can compare this plugin very much to what Microsoft did with Windows 8, not Windows 8.1. It was something trendy, but people didn’t think much about it. You have multiple devices these days – mobile devices – standard size phones, phablets, tablets, laptops, 2-in-1 laptops and then you have desktops, some of which have the rising trend of widescreens with them. Just as you can’t force a Metro app as a calculator to be a fullscreen app on Windows 8 on an ultrawide or big monitor like 27″, you can do that with this kind of editor.

    I have a 27″ iMac, for me this interface of the current Gutenberg editor is leading to a huge waste of time comparing to the current editor. In order to do a simple task I have to do so much clicks, scrolls and selections in comparison to a simple one click on the classic editor or a keyboard key.

    When you have to edit a 3000 words page I think that will cost me more than 30 or 60 minutes and this is not an exaggeration.

    I like to split and rearrange text on the go, change paragraphs etc. In order to do that with the new editor, I have to waste so much time on clicking and selecting that I really don’t understand how this will be practical at all.

    I believe that if this editor should be working on desktop, it should not be hidden in a “+” sign, it should be available as the classic editor with all of its buttons presented on a screen so that you could use just one click, without selecting any insert signs, without the need to scroll etc.

    The other thing that will be needed is a much easier block creation, probably an autoblock creation or merging, when people change paragraphs.

    In the current state I believe that editor will lead to what Windows 8 lead and what the Snapchat redesign lead. It is clearly going against what the demand is and this free market will react. Forcing something upon people, which they clearly do not like and you can see the reviews here and the tons of articles on the web as well, will lead to the majority of the people using the classic editor.

    It will be marketing and market failure for WordPress and it will damage the reputation of the otherwise great so far CMS.

    Another move that could be suitable is that you can present both editors on install, not requiring people to install any other “classic” plugin etc. When both editors are in the core and people could select them, you can probably put a voluntarily telemetry to see how many people use the classic and how many use the modern editor, that will tell you clearly over time where the demand is.

    Please take at the number of one star reviews here, if you don’t understand what they mean, than the company and it’s community which is developing this plugin are in a much worse situation than you were thinking.

    Kind Regards

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  • With all due respect, almost all one star (and also two star) reviews here are one-liner crap. Yours is one of the exceptions, and even so, I think you are wrong on almost all accounts; for example, in the number of clicks: you can work barely with no clics at all, *if* you know how to work with Gutenberg. Or if you need to arrange paragraphs old-style, use the Classic block, and when you finish, convert to Gutenberg blocks. All you need is to spend some time with the new editor. And I’m currently working with a 3000+ word (final target should be 6000+) post entirely written in Gutenberg, with barely no problems at all up to this point.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to dislike something, but it should be with solid arguments.

    I will concede that the version numbering scheme is totally wrong and confusing. They are versioning Gutenberg like a finished product, and the upcoming version 4.0 is going to be a RC (release candidate). That’s plain confusing to users.




    I think in today’s world it is getting harder and harder for people to be direct in order to look polite. I don’t want to be politically correct in that regard, I am saying it load – this thing is a marketing mistake, it is not done correctly as it wastes more time than it save and it will be a marketing failure.

    You say that most of the reviews are “one-liner crap”, however no one could objectively decide that. Remember, customer is always right and you are smart enough to know it very well. People don’t have time, people don’t know English as well as most users, there are tons of reasons why many of the reviews are “one-liners”, but that doesn’t make them crap.

    I have a site with 900+ articles, a big portion of which I had formatted myself. I know what I am talking about, this plugin is changing the productivity so much, that it is barely usable to me. I wanted to get feedback from some of the people that I did outsourcing the formatting of the articles as I don’t think I would be able to handle all that, they all said that they prefer the classic editor.

    You want to see good blocks done right? [External link redacted]. I am not a Ghost user and I won’t use it due to the lack of capabilities and extensions and customization and more, however they done it right.

    You can’t have a 27″ inch screen and in order to insert something you have to click so many times, to scroll and to select and it all just takes so much time when you have to repetitively have that. It is just impossible.

    Why each paragraph have to have inserted <p> and </p>, this is just crazy.

    Mark my words, this will be a failure and I don’t say it because I want to be right, but because I am very disappointed on the implementation.

    They’re crap because they have the oportunity to actually dislike Gutenberg AND contribute something positive to it, but chose to insult the devs (totally wrong, I don’t care about “the clients are always right” crap – it’s just not ok), threaten to leave the community, or use words like “crap”, “useless”, etc.

    > Why each paragraph have to have inserted <p> and </p>, this is just crazy.

    It doesn’t have to be that way, you can press Shift + Enter, problem solved.

    > in order to insert something you have to click so many times

    It’s simply not like that.

    > You want to see good blocks done right?

    I know Ghost. Gutenberg is going to be much, much more than Ghost.

    Anyway, I’m trying to pick a fight with you. My main point stands, people spend more time finding ways to hate Gutenberg than learning how to use it.



    Don’t you see the problem here? Nobody can be direct anymore, everyone is about wish-washy in order not to hurt someone’s feelings. Saying something is crap is not the same as saying the developer behind it is crap. You can create a crappy solution even if you are a genius.

    I have processed more than 500 x 3000 word articles out there for a project in the past 2 years. I really know what is slowing me down and what is not.

    Gutenberg slowed me down considerably. I don’t have time to record and proof you that. Just wait and see, wait and see, I don’t want to say “I told you so”, because that is not what is important to me. What is important is that the best CMS for me so far is trying to do something in order to compete with Wix and Squarespace and other, but the actual implementation is bad. I’ve showed Ghost as their block system is easier to handle than Gutenberg.

    Gutenberg will be like the first Windows Metro applications and like the Snapchat redesign in terms of usability. The results will be the same as well.

    I guess in some future edition it could become usable for most of people, but it will take too much time. Expect much more angry people out there.

    Don’t blame the customer, never blame the customer. You build things for them, they are not slaves of the software, the software is there to suit them, not the other way around.

    I’ve not tried Gutenberg yet, however, I thought I’d read some reviews before I try it out. As I am very short on time I want to know whether its worth taking the risk or not.

    Having read slkfs points, I would concur that (if it’s anything like Wix or Yell) I would not want to spend hours hunting around and take several clicks to do something simple. Good typesetting has been a missing factor with web design until more recent years and many of us are more than happy to input some simple code.

    I’m also on 27″ Mac, this has GOT to work on Macs and GOT to work with Safari.

    I’m worried now.



    It will make your big screen worthless as everything is hidden under a button, then you have to use the submenu and expand it and then use scroll. These are three steps, the classic editor had these in one step. Gutenberg made sure that you have CollegeHumor embed as an icon as well, inside these submenus, no joke.

    Try it, share your experiences. I am very disappointed.

    Yet another service that treats desktop users like mobile phone users. I think a good solution will be if they could put all these buttons in front as the classic editor, one click reach, instead of all these steps. Test it yourself.


    I missed a “not” in

    “Anyway, Iā€™m trying to pick a fight with you.”

    It was

    “Anyway, Iā€™m *not* trying to pick a fight with you.”


    Better to try and fail than fail to try.



    I don’t back off from fights šŸ™‚ At the end of the day our civilization is built both on cooperation, on agreements and as well as on disagreements and fight. It is OK to have a difference of opinion, it is OK to express these. I highly disagree with the culture where people self-censor themselves and others and can’t say things directly anymore.

    Hi Orlando, I don’t get, why you say, all the one line reviews are crap. Why you so mad? This is the review section where users share their experience with the plugin and not a bug report section. So please accept, that there are people out there who neither like the Gutenberg plugin nor to work with it. After reading all the replies from the developers and volunteers are all the same and pretty much ignorant too, if you want so. They all won’t accept, that people don’t want to be forced to get that Gutenberg in WordPress core. They don’t even think about the possibility of leaving it as a plugin, no matter how little people like it, how badly it’s rated, or how little people benefit from it.
    I don’t think, that this is the idea of community based developement.

    Kind regards.


    I’m not mad at the reviews. I’ve already stated why I think they’re crap; because they are supposed to be *reviews* and instead most reviewers resorted to name calling and other nasty expressions. They could contribute a real review, even disliking Gutenberg.

    It’s Ok to dislike Gutenberg, but do so with solid arguments. I’m ok with people not liking Gutenberg, it’s their prerrogative, I just don’t like the attitude of most of the reviewers, being just plain rude.

    You mention the replies of the devs and volunteers…really? how to they have to respond to a hundreds of reviews like “this is crap. don’t continue or i will leave” (sic)? for all I know, they have handled the “reviews” politely, even when those reviews were terrible and insulting, some of them ban-worthy. If you’re going to give a 1 star review, at least be helpful with feedback on how to improve. It’s about community, as you said.

    Finally, it’s not the devs fault, they are not forcing anything on anybody; if that’s what you think, you should get your facts straight.

    And no, I’m not mad. šŸ˜€


    Being direct should not be confused with being rude and unhelpful. We’re not in prison here, it’s a community. We have a saying here that goes “courtesy detracts not from bravery”.

    There is such a lack of thought applied to the words people use such as “being forced” when (despite Gutenberg’s shortcomings at this stage) is just not true. There are multiple degrees of working around Gutenberg. I see this to be a very courteous, considerate, and thoughtful approach on the part of Automattic. Apple comes out with a new computer, Microsoft comes out with a new OS and you’re surely faced with facing their music but do they offer the extent of kindness and transparency that Automattic is offering here?

    I’m not 100% happy with it and I worry that it will be released with some issues unresolved but since we’re not there yet, I pursue learning and being familiar with Gutenberg as it nears release.

    I’ve been migrating systems since the Commodore Vic 20 to Amiga 2000, from DOS 5.0 to Windows 3.0, NT, 95, XP, and 10. Played around with some Linux builds too and the one thing ALL of these have in common is the complaining from those who wanted things to remains static.

    That’s NOT how life works. Things change, interfaces change, new stuff is born, old stuff dies. It’s best for those who enjoy breathing to go with the flow.

    To that extent I’m trying to add my opinion and suggestions as to how it can best work for me as I attempt to use Gutenberg on a daily basis….even though I’m frustrated at times.



    I want things to improve, I am not fan of static things, but when you say “improve” it means that a simple task shouldn’t take multiple times more allocated into doing it.

    Saying that something is crap is not the same as saying that someone that developed it sucks.

    Einstein made some attempts for other theories that were contradicting with his previous ones, that doesn’t mean he sucks.

    Let me pin-point the actual problem here, in today’s world you can’t say anything anymore without worrying that you will “offend” someone. It’s the social justice snowflake culture, which is killing our societies foundation principles.

    A review is not intended to “help” or “contribute”, a review is a feedback on the product. It could be good, bad, or whatever.

    If it is against the terms, somebody should delete it, but if it is saying that something is crap, that is a subjective opinion, which should be tolerated.


    Don’t know where you got your ideas about reviews; do you research when you buy something? do you prefer longer, thorough reviews or brief ones? I’ll go with the most complete by the way. I tend not to listen to people that do not invest time in a review. The outcome of the review isn’t important; you can completely destroy a product or service in a deep review (most of the time these are the really good ones) and still produce a stellar review. But I’ll tell you this: when you develop software, your user’s frustration is a gold mine of requirements. And being part of a community that gives you tons of software for $0, I think it’s common courtesy to help any way you can; for example, investing a little time giving our helpful reviews -specially when we DON’T like the product- to the devs; the community gets to win in the end with a stronger product.

    You just can’t do that with one liners, and rudeness.

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