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    Hello, there.

    Are you having an issue with Jetpack at the moment?

    What are you trying to accomplish exactly, and what isn’t working the way you expect?

    If you’d be able to provide us with more details, actual error messages, or screen shots of the issues you’re seeing, that would definitely help us get you better results. Thanks!

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    I would say that the purpose of this plugin is unclear and all over the place.

    + what I personally dislike:

    – Obligated to install it to use the WooCommerce app (the WooCommerce app works great tho)
    – Way..way too much advertising for premium features. I wanna escape when I see these pages.

    Other than that I have no doubt that a lot of work has been put in this. This just smells “sell” to much to me, you should probably reduce this.


    Plugin Support MadHatter (a11n)



    The Jetpack plugin is used by WooCommerce to facilitate data synching between your site and WooCommerce itself so that all features are working properly.

    As far as advertising goes, we do of course need to make money in order to continue operating and provide the all of the services that we do, but all offers can be dismissed.

    I hope once those are out of the way that you can enjoy the features!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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