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  • This plugin is an absolute disaster. It is poorly documented and even less functional. The website, for example, shows options for setting the location of the subscription at checkout, but that’s not in the actual plugin. With no option to show where the checkbox is at checkout – or whether it is checked – it is displaying in 3 separate locations, all unchecked by default. The total lack of options and the lack of AHEM sign-up forms is ridiculous. This plugin is simply about collecting your commerce data, customer data, and product data – not at all about supporting your site. Mailchimp is trying to compete with Google, etc. in Big Data, apparently. Here’s a clue: if you want me to sign up for premium service, you should have a plugin that works. The big data collecting companies succeed because they build tools that actually work. It is sad that free plugins from 3rd party developers have more options, and work far better, than the “official” plugin. The utter lack of support for businesses without a premium plan is not encouraging me to sign up for a premium plan – your plugin doesn’t work! That’s enough to convince me that Mailchimp isn’t the solution we’re looking for.

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    Hi @dirkse, thank you for reaching out. We take all feedback seriously and appreciate the members who voice them. To ensure we’re aligned on the plugin’s capabilities, we wanted to mention a couple of things regarding your post:

    • Plugin being poorly documented & location of the checkbox – documentation for the plugin is located over at the main plugin page and the GitHub Wiki. To change the location of the checkbox is flexible in accordance with WooCommerce’s form actions. You’ll just need to edit the form action of your choice as shown in the plugin settings.
    • Lack of sign up forms – creating sign-up forms is not a core feature of the plugin, but displaying them is. You’ll need to create them first in Mailchimp, and once that’s done, the plugin triggers these to be shown as configured in Mailchimp.
    • Support – we’re happy to answer any questions about the plugin’s features and functionalities. The best way to reach us is over at the GitHub plugin page. From there, you can receive direct responses from the development team, log new issues, and track existing ones.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    I appreciate your response, but you might want to check your plugin because those options are not in the settings. The tab, as I said above, is NOT there. I don’t have those options, at all. While that is also shown in the documentation on the MailChimp website (which I was referring to) it is not actually in the settings. There is no longer an “Audience Settings” tab available.

    Remoting a UI is not the same as a signup form! We want to control the UI and deliver content locally for many reasons. It’s a ridiculous, unintuitive solution that puts the wrong tools in the hands of marketing vs. web dev.

    Finally, regarding your documentation, I’ll just offer the suggestion that you maintain accurate documentation on the MailChimp website. That’s what I was referring to and while it’s great that you have docs on GitHub too, since this *is* an official plugin you could at least document it as well as the third-party plugins do.

    Since we’ve had to disable the plugin we no longer have access to any of the other features like abandoned cart. The plugin is so unstable as to be usable, and all of the features we’d otherwise be willing to pay for are not available.

    Plugin Support khungate


    Hi @dirkse, appreciate the note back and providing the context with what you’re experiencing. Let me try to assist you a little more; I’d like to think we can get to the bottom of things pretty easy with some basic troubleshooting.

    With the options that are not appearing (and documentation), it sounds like there may be a conflict somewhere with a plugin or theme – the settings are definitely there. Do you have the ability to run things in a staging environment where you can disable other plugins and use the most current standard WordPress theme? That would be the first thing we would recommend if you’re having a UI rendering issue. If that’s not an option, do you see this happening in other browsers? Maybe try to use something else other than your default browser. It could be something simple related to browser caching.

    Lastly on the “remoting the UI” maybe I didn’t explain that too well, my apologies. Creating sign-up forms is not an advertised feature of the plugin. It’s designed to sync data from your WooCommerce store and Mailchimp. It also injects the scripts needed to trigger pop-ups and abandoned carts. All the configuration of these pop-ups and Automations are controlled in the Mailchimp dashboard.

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