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    4 issues:

    On front end list, is it possible to make a horizontal scroll bar if the list is too wide for the window? my client insists on large type for his older members, this renders the lists too wide for the window despite max size 1200px.
    I”ve tried doing it with css to no avail.
    #usertable{overflow-y: scroll;}
    table.userlist {overflow-y: scroll;}

    .userlist * { word-wrap: normal;}
    .userlist th, .userlist td {overflow: Scroll; }

    1. How do I get breaks and spaces between fields with decimals, i.e. address=6.1, return city=6.2
    State=6.3, Zip=6.4

    2. I am filtering on the first role to exclude Administration and I want to hide that column.
    here’s your documentation:
    filter=show (or hide to hide the filtered column), must be used with
    ▪ columnname=value
    would an example be: filter=show_first role=0
    i don’t want to hide a specific role, i want to hide the first_role column
    as an aside, I would like to mention, that giving an example makes all the difference for a non coder like me. for this reason, a request: you’ve put a lot of time into the beautiful demos, and The demos are great, but It would help tremendously to be able to see the short codes and the exact way you configured your demos. an example is worth everything especially for a non coder. I have tried the following, and all don’t work. what am i doing wrong?

    e.g. [userlist list=4 show_totals=true filter=show_first role=0]
    [userlist list=4 show_totals=true filter=hide columnname=first_role]
    [userlist list=4 show_totals=true filter=hide columnname=*]

    3. what does the ! and the up arrow and the reset mean exactly? they don’t seem to do the same as the Refresh icon (green arrows).

    The demos are great, but It would help tremendously to be able to see the short codes and the exact way you configured your demos. an example is worth everything.

    4. WordPress Memory 40mb
    I am unclear on the difference between php memory and wordpress memory. and I’ve not been able to update wpmemory.
    I’ve added the following function to wp-config.php to no effect:
    /** Sets up WordPress memory limit and sets it */
    define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’96M’);
    but i am still getting the following info can’t upload screenshot) php memory 256M and wp memory 40M. this is User Lists>About>Your user db:This website with blog_id=1 and prefix=wp_ has:
    Plugin version: 3.6.3
    Php version: 5.3.26
    Wp version: 3.6
    Wordpress Memory limit: 40M
    Php Memory Limit: 256M
    Charset: UTF-8

    many thanks,
    hope putting 5 questions in one support ticket is good.

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Actually better to list questions separately for tracking and benefit of others who may have similar issues. Also two of your questions are not really plugin dependent, so asking a broader audience may get you a quicker response. (CSS and WP memory setting not working)
    anyway here goes:

    Custom css/interaction with themes really beyond scope of this support. However a quick google seems to indicate you should wrap it in a div rather than try to force a tale to scroll

    if that doesnt work, strongly suggest posting somewhere like stackoverflow with link to siteso they can see the theme css that is affecting that area. You need to make sure whatever solution is offered also works on all major browsers.

    1. breaks or spaces – use the ‘before’ or ‘after’ column. Add something like a space or ‘ ‘ or a ‘
    ‘ depending on the effect you want. note non breaking spaces can be used to prevent text from wrapping if a table needs to shrink – this is not always a god idea.

    2. I think you figured this out already judging by other post. First display the column so all configuration shows, configure it. save. Then undisplay the column, configuration will stay.

    3. Hover your cursor over those – three are usually ‘tooltips’ everywhere to explain what they are.
    ! only shows to admin and has lots of explanatory text behind it – says you are seeing tranisent cache html.

    in alpha nav the up arrow clears/resets any alpha navigation.

    the refresh icon at the bottom of the lists refreshes the lists – ie rebuilds the cache.

    php memory is the memory that the server has for ALL php applications
    wordpress memory is the php memory that wordpress tries to allocate.

    see note that says this setting does not always work

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