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  • hey sirini,

    thanks a lot for your themes. i was using (and backlinking) your plainscape theme now for almost two years. now, that the new f2 is out with responsive design, i would like to migrate the blog (blue-engineering.org). though i would like to change the submenu from vertical to horizontal – do you have any idea how i can manage that. i tried my very best with css-position and so on…a year ago i was succesful with the old F2-theme, but i can’t reproduce it right now…

    thanks a lot for your help


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  • The CSS to change a vertical submenu to a horizontal would be something like;

    ul li li {
     float: none;
     /*Display Block just in-case it's inline*/
     display: block;


    andrew thanks a lot for your help, but unfortunately there is no “ul li li” in the CSS.

    the closest i got is this


    with position relative in ul submenu

    by the way, here is a good example where i want to be headding to:


    but i can t grasp their site-structure

    ciao and thanks!

    If your submenu is vertical, there won’t be any CSS to make it horizontal.

    i solved it!

    you just have to change from position “relative” to “static” in the screen.css at:

    .site-header .site-navigation.main-navigation li

    this off-sets a little bit the menu on smaller screens – but this is not too bad.

    any better help than my “try and error-approach” is highly welcome



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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