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  • Hi all,

    How can I get horinzontal sub-menus with nav-menu (with modifications)?

    Using sub-menus (child menus) from nav-menu, I’m able to style them to some extent with css but unable to make them horizontal. It gets overwritten by wordpress code but where in nav-menu, nav-menu-template, elsewhere?

    In other words, in firebug I see my styling but it is overwritten by some “ blabla” that makes the menu vertical (and adjusts the width to the length of the string)

    Does anybody know how to do this or can even point me to where this styling occurs in nav-menu. Personnally I’m guessing “start_el” but not sure I understand this well…

    exemple of the problem at :runners but never mind my css: I keep changing it… its the that comes of nowhere (for me…)

    many thanks,


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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