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  • rook


    Hi again, Is there any feasible way of doing a side scrolling website
    similar to this:

    Or would it be better to make one from scratch? (which im not sure I can do) Or is there a way of easily editing any themes to do this?



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  • Feasible, better or easily edited

    are fairly subjective terms — it really depends on your knowledge of WordPress, coding and website design/usability. But yes, it’s possible.

    The site you linked to uses tables for the layout — which is quite outdated, clunky and not recommended. CSS is the way to go — for a number of reasons.

    One thing to consider is that while sites like that are really not very user friendly — especially on smaller devices.



    Ha you are correct, very subjective terms. My knowledge is fairly basic, I have a little understanding of CSS, I agree that site looks very clunky. In all honesty I don’t particularly want it to go horizontal, im making it for a friend.

    Would you suggest trying to edit the css in a child theme, or would I be better off trying to do it from scratch and outside of wordpress?

    This is totally possible as a child theme and would save you some work since all the functions/pages would be made already, all you need to do really is change up the css and move some of the code around in the template pages.

    I’d start with a blank theme like

    This way you don’t have to worry about to much existing styles.


    In all honesty I don’t particularly want it to go horizontal, im making it for a friend.

    Ah, gotcha — LOL!

    Yes, as bythegram suggeseted, a child theme is the way to go. Though I have not used it, another well-reviewed “blank” theme is Boilerplate.

    Theme Development may also be helpful.



    cheers guys, very much appreciated



    Ok so lets say I get my child theme set up, how would I change the CSS so that there is horizontal navigation? I have looked everywhere and cant seem to get my head around it. Would i for example change #page to a really wide width, or is there divs i need to change?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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