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    As the title says the content (all of it: header, body, footer) makes a small shift (2-4 pixels, I think) to the right when I go from the main page to one of the first two non-main pages (“Om Mads” and “FAQ”), then shifts back when I go to the third non-main page (“Kontakt”).

    Please see:

    First of all the problem appeared with my first theme (RiverRocks) but has persisted with a change to Fernando_Graphicos Kubrick-based Provision (Public). Having made the switch I tried deleting the pages and creating new ones to no avail.

    Since it can’t just be a difference between page template and main index file (since the shift also affects the contact page and the two files both call the header as the first thing but present it differently) I suppose it must be something in the stylesheet but I am at a loss to figure out what… Any suggestions?

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  • moshu


    Isn’t that obvious? The pages that “shift” don’t have a vertical scrollbar because they are short pages. The others have the scrollbar on the right of the screen…
    I don’t know of any “fix”.



    Boy is my face red… Yes, it is obvious. I guess I was just too immersed in the code to see what was actually on the screen… Thanks anyway.



    If you want to fix this, add this to the top of your style.css file:

    html, body {

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