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  • Hi All,

    Although I have had a WordPress website up and running for a few years now, it is a very basic setup and I don’t play with at all.

    However recently a friend asked if I would take over as webmaster for a new site someone else had started for him.

    It is using a Child of Twenty Eleven theme with a horizontal menu bar url is:

    My problem is what is being displayed in the menu tabs, on the home page there are 3 tabs that have the description showing in Bold however when any page is selected from almost every other tab, either directly or from a drop down, only the tab with the page being viewed shows in bold, all except one, the Why Go Folding doesn’t change to bold ????

    What is driving this feature??? and where can it be accessed, doesn’t bother me much, but the website owner is very picky and wants it resolved.

    I am self taught so please don’t try to baffle me with techno babble, however I would appreciate any assistance that can be given.

    Kindest Regards
    Bam Bam

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  • If you hover over the “WHY GO FOLDING”, you’ll see that it links to this page:

    However, once you click it, the page that you actually go to is this page:

    You’ll notice the only difference is the -2 appended to the end of the name. Now WordPress has a sort of guessing mechanism in place that tries to find a page to send users to even if the one they are trying to visit doesn’t exist. This is so if your permalink is and someone types they may still get to the same page (a nifty feature really).

    The only reason I can think of that it’s redirecting to the -2 page is that you deleted the original page (it’s likely in your Trash folder in your pages editor).

    Now as far as why highlighting isn’t working, well really I just answered that. Since the menu item is expecting why-a-folding-kayak, it won’t highlight for why-a-folding-kayak-2.

    To fix this

    • Go into your pages editor and click “Trash.” Ensure that the original Why a Folding Kayak page doesn’t exist. If it does just remove it from the trash.
    • Edit the published version of the Why a Folding Kayak page. Edit the permalink and remove the -2 suffix from the end.
    • Save changes and you should be fine.


    Thanks for the prompt reply in plain simple language that an old fella like me could understand, problem solved.

    Thanks again
    Bam Bam

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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