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  • Hi all. I’m attempting to add additional sub-pages to the existing pages already on my horizontal menu bar.

    Please view my website at

    For instance, when you hover over the ‘About Us’ link on the bar, you can see that two sub pages appear:
    1. For Hospitals
    2. Our Partners

    I’ve seen other websites that provide a way to actually have child pages appear to the right of “For Hospitals” or “Our Partners” when they are highlighted with the mouse.

    Here is an example. Is there any plugin that enables me to simply do this type of customization? I’m not extremely versed in adding custom code.

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  • Hello?

    Can anyone help me here? I can’t believe I am the only one that wanted this functionality…

    Looks like that’s a modified (and outdated?) version of twentyten? That theme does support multi-level menus.

    Thanks for the response WPyogi.

    Where would I go in order to create a multi-level menu?

    Are you using a custom menu?

    Also, are you aware that using an outdated version of WP is a security risk? But updating WP is going to overwrite the theme you are using – modifying a default theme really should be done via a child theme –

    My goodness. I’m quickly realizing I am a little over my head. We had a company come in and develop a WordPress website for our company. I know enough html to modify the stylesheet, make format changes, media changes, and be dangerous.

    I realize that we have an outdated version of WP, and am afraid that by by updating it, it would ruin our website. (ie the format, etc.)

    Oh sigh – yes, right now if you update WP, your site will be wiped out. Whoever created that site really did you a big disservice by modifying a default theme. When WP is updated all default themes are updated/overwritten, so changes to theme files are lost.

    You can, at this point, change the theme name on the style.css file so it won’t get updated, but that means it may eventually have compatibility issues. The best option would be to move the changes to a child theme –

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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