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  • Resolved Chuckie


    I have set the option to include the TinyMCE visual editor. I know it can support more functionality. For example:

    Horizontal line
    Drop down list of font style – paragraph, heading etc.

    How do we add these extra buttons? I ask here because the editor is included via your plugin.


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  • Plugin Author Robin W


    you add them just as you do for WordPress – you’ll need to find out how to add any you are after in WordPress eg

    But this works according to my experience just for backend.

    Plugin Author Robin W


    @tapiohuuhaa – what code did you use ?

    I have just used the backend settings for tinyMCE. There was not frontend settings. Or I have missed something. Must I use special setting for frontend using PHP scripts?

    I look forward to any clarification on this before I jump in. I need this on the front end.

    I do have a “snippets” plugin that lets me run certain snippets in the front end, back end or both. So maybe I can add a snippet for this?

    Maybe this must be done disabling editor settings in ppb style pack and define tools with PHP script.

    I get once script to set it, but just with few options. Full set and minimized. Apparentlyt there could be some mixture.

    Plugin Author Robin W


    sorry beyond free help

    I resolved it by adding a new snippet:

    add_filter("mce_buttons", "tinymce_editor_buttons", 99); //targets the first line
    function tinymce_editor_buttons($buttons) {
    return array(
      //add more here...

    I put that in one snippet – no effect.

    Works for me. I have a toggle button on the right now that shows the second toolbar with all the other buttons.


    I had to clear the browser cache. Tested on mobile etc.

    , 99” apparently means priority and that setting should be read last.

    I would like to add some items too, for example indent, remove indent, code.

    But I didn’t get any changes even if I cleared browser cache.

    Remove link is IMO unnecessary, because it is in the link tool.

    I have outdent etc in there.

    As a minimum if you opened the bbp style pack function file and locate:

    $args['tinymce'] = true;

    If you add this line after it:

    $args['teeny'] = false;

    This will change it to a full toolbar. But then you loose Insert Image button. This is why I used the other code.

    It might be that this extra line is required in the function php too. I can’t quite recall.

    Yes, that line is needed for this to work.

    Robin, can I kindly ask for you to add a checkbox to allow full buttons. If set you then set teeny to false. This was I won’t lose changes to your plugin and my button customisations will work.

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    Because bbp style pack has much updates, I would not like to change anything in that plugin but just use Code Snippet to make my own settings and extra code.

    What ajtrucke proposed, is reasonable. The it would be possible to redefine button sets with PHP scripts by using Code Snippet. Then also my setting would work.

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