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  • Hello!

    I’m using the Image Widget in a page, using the Widgets On Page widget. As I place images inside the page, I want them to show up horizontally in groups of four or so.

    They only align vertically… how do I change this?

    Or is there actually a different way I can do all this?

    Here is the page I talk about:

    Thank you.

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  • Sounds like too much work – try a Gallery Plugin such as NextGen Gallery

    The thing is this is not a gallery. They are link images, which take you to each person’s biographical description. I tried that plugin, but it works like a photograph gallery with thumbnails. I just want what I have, but in a horizontal alignment.

    Is there a way I can display images horizontally in a page? Because I could just upload the images directly into the page, which I tried, but it also shows up vertically.

    Are you saying you want to see full size images and to scroll horizontally to see the next image? Or will a row of images (usually thumbs) fit in the current container?

    An example of NextGen with images in rows.

    No, I want them to look just like they do now. I have them in that size, because I want them to be little image-links that take you to each biographical description. Right now it all looks and works exactly how I want it to. The size is perfect, the images work as links… but… they’re aligned vertically.

    That’s because each image is placed in a different “Image Widget”, and those widgets automatically align themselves vertically, but I want them to be side-by-side.

    And yeah, I want it to look like a NextGen gallery, except it isn’t technically a gallery. I dont want those images to expand, cause they’re not images Im showcasing or anything, theyre just links.

    Like buttons, for instance.

    Review the documentation, you can make the thumb and image same size and make any thumb a link to whatever you want with NextGen….I pointed you to this to save you time overall, but you will have to learn and adapt.

    Oh, you can? Well, I installed the plugin, and deleted all the coding to see how the images would look, and they still looked cropped and tiny.

    Haste makes waste…

    I will look into it then. So if I use NextGen for that, and make some changes to the code, will I be able to make them look and work just like they do now?

    I don’t want them to expand or any of that…

    I understand your issue – this can be done as advised but requires you to review the plugin docs, test a few posts, and you will see this…

    Ok. I will work on that then.

    Thank you for your help!

    Please report back if additional help is required _ i added to get email on this thread…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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