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  • This is a follow up to my previous post. I was rather embarrassed bragging about something that did work, but did not validate as per XHTML 1.1 standards, the reason being the usage of <table> as an inline element within < a > . The validator spit out a few errors whenI did that. But tweaking further, I was able to create a css drop down menu with a little javascript, that did not use tables, and validated as a XHTML 1.1 complaint document.

    I would appreciate if you could take some time to see this and let me know if there are any bugs or such.

    Credits are due to suckerfish dropdowns from

    cheers, anantha

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  • I can’t see the menus. Are they supposed to be at the top? I’m using Firefox.

    Oh, wait…I take that back. They didn’t show up immediately. I even rolled over the area where I thought they were likely to be to see if they “woke” them up somehow. It wasn’t until a few moments later that they actually did wake up.

    They look pretty cool! Just need a little work on the loading of it (sorry I can’t help you there).

    Also, as the page was loading I noticed that there was an unusually long time to connect to ipstats. Can’t say that it actually interferred with the downloading of the page, but something I thought you might be interested in.

    One more comment. Again, when viewing it in Firefox, the menu is shifted over to the right, thus overlapping “”. Looks flawless in IE though.

    Hope this helps!

    Apparently, the ipstats connection delays the loading of the menu. The ipstats server can be very slow at times, and it does hamper loading time. Glad that it works in FF. I did try it on Mozilla 1.7.5 and IE 6. I am sure its going to look screwed in Opera, but just cant help that !!

    I want to clarify that yes, it does work in FF, but probably not the way you’re wanting it to (i.e. shifting to the right).

    I agree, you can’t plan for all types of browsers. Personally, I’d just be happy if it works in IE and FF. 🙂

    Is ipstats something you are required to use? Maybe you should consider another type of related service. Just a thought.


    I am surprised that it appears shifted to the right, because it appears fine to me here on Firefox 1.0. I will wait for other people to load it on firefox and their comments. Did you try a hard refresh ?


    I just did a hard refresh and it didn’t appear, but something interesting happened…

    I noticed a black bar at the top of your page. Thinking that looked out of place I looked at it closer and rolled my mouse over it and THAT’s when the menu popped-up where it should be, but, sadly, still shifting to the right.

    Waiting for others to chime in is a good idea.

    looks great to me in 1.01 and ie

    how bizarre…i experience the same thing as davincim.

    when I load in FF1.0 on my pc the nav doesn’t appear but I see a black horizontal line. When I hover over that the nav appears, but is indented to the right so that the last link goes into the dark part of your logo…

    IE works fine but the load time is slow no matter what browser.

    of course once it’s working it looks really nice 🙂

    Hi all:

    I think I have fixed what appeared to be an anomaly. Please let me know if you see it working on multiple browsers (IE/FF/Mozilla/Safari). And I have temporarily fixed the page load time.
    You can see the site here

    huh, i don’t see the nav in FF but it works fine in IE and the load time was much faster. Check this though, I have the web developer extension for ff and when I clicked EDIT CSS to see if I could help you debug, and the sidebar popped up with your style sheet, VOILA, navbar appears. But a hard refresh and nothing again.

    WHAT!? that doesn’t make any sense. This is going to drive me crazy, probably you first though. i’ll have to check it out after work though, good luck, i’ll check back later.

    edit: if I click a link to one of your posts it also appears, when I click back it’s as if it was always there. So it’s something upon initial loading of the page, otherwise it works great.

    Thank you for your comments. I did check my CSS out line by line. And then decided to try position: relative instead of position: absolute. And voila !! it worked. I know using position: relative can have some problems, which I leave it to you all to tell me 🙂

    Also I had made another little mistake by oversight. I have a page container, and apparently I had used the menu outside the container and that caused some trivial positioning issues.

    I guess its all fixed now, and I am planning to go ahead and iron out the rough edges and release it in the public domain, with due credits of course 🙂

    Check out the menu and a few linked menus like cellar –> guestbook , deviationz –> guestblock and factory –> shutterbug & matter of fact.


    What an improvement! It loaded fine in FF complete with menus! Looks like you fixed the ipstats thing as well.

    Good job!

    Thanks and its a real relief that it loaded. Could not ever imagine that position: relative would set it all right. Never thought about it until I read through the CSS help pages on W3schools. Yeah, I removed the ipstat thingy too.

    so are you ok if other people use this? permission only? 🙂

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