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  • Hello!

    I’m having a problem with a text and image alignment when I need to visualize a single post.

    Right now I have this part of code

    <div class="gridly-copy">
         <?php the_content(); ?> 
         <p><?php the_tags(); ?></p>
         <div class="clear"></div>
         <?php comments_template(); ?>

    The important part is “the_content();” but I can’t put the text box on a left side and the image slider in the right side like this image

    The images are uploaded by a plugin and I don’t understand how can separate and align this.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Can you post a link to your site? It’s actually likely a CSS issue – and those require being able to look at the site live.

    Thank you for reply WPyogi!

    this is the link


    It looks like it’s just CSS problems – right now the entire “gridly-copy”” div is set to 710px wide – and the slider is set to 100% width inline CSS here:

    <div id="new-royalslider-1" class="royalSlider new-royalslider-1 rsDefaultInv rs-default-template rsHor rsWithBullets" style="height: 332.085px; width: 100%;">

    Change the width and then add “float: right” to this CSS:

    .royalSlider {
        direction: ltr;
        float: right;
        overflow: visible;

    Remove position relative in the above as well.

    Then set a width on the text section.

    Ok…so it seems that can be resolved by modifying css and not php
    Is it true?

    Yes, from what I can see, that should be the case (not 100% positive as I haven’t fully made it work or tested it) – though you should address the HTML errors:

    maybe this is my issue too… all the text in my pages “overflows” my theme’s main menu section on my website. I tried putting everything into tables, but my theme wont let me customize table width, color or borders >:( so that didn’t work either. Am I suffering from the same issue? do I need to re-configure my theme’s “gridly-copy”” div? or am I dealing with something else altogether?

    @stn-hs.admin you need to do the same with Gridly theme?

    @stn-hs.admin – it’s always best to start a new thread if you need help. It’s confusing and cumbersome to try to help more than one person at a time. Please also include a link to your site.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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