horiz'l menu disappears after the cursor is hovered briefly then moved (1 post)

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    Problem description:
    click on a horizontal menu item
    move the cursor to the top item on the list
    let it rest there for a second
    move the cursor to another item on the list
    the drop down menu disappears

    This happens with the top item of sub-menus as well.

    However, once any but the top sub-menu item has been hovered over, you can now place the cursor on the top menu items and move it and the menus wont disappear.

    see http://adhd.wallyhood.org/ for an example. Click on menu item "Treatment".

    I posted this bug report fairly recently but when I do a search on "submenu" or "disappear" (two of the tags I entered), it does not appear on the search list (at least in the first 100 or so posts. I assume the posts are in reverse chronological order.) Is there some way I can search for feedback about whether this bug is being addressed?

    Thanks for any help.

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