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    I was really hoping your plugin could help with the issue of no srcset output in custom header situations with the WordPress 4.4 responsive images api. You can see some of the frustrations I’ve had here:

    So I implemented your plugin and commented out my own custom headers code below. I created the “the headers” page as specified. The custom headers interface looked exactly the same, so I don’t know of that is an indication of whether the plugin is working, but I removed previous images, then added them back, then clicked randomize, refreshed the page, and inspected the srcset attribute. It is still empty.

    I’m starting to think I’m chasing a ghost and no one has solved this issue. Can you tell me if I’m doing something wrong, or perhaps….does your plugin not allow srcset out put either, even with the different technique you’re using?


    //	$args = array(
    //		'flex-width'    => false,
    //		'flex-height'    => false,
    //		'width'         => 1280,
    //		'height'        => 384,
    //		'default-image' => get_template_directory_uri() . '../uploads/2016/08/ISU-BLDG-PHS_0389NF_1280x384.jpg',
    //	);
    //	add_theme_support( 'custom-header', $args );

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  • Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    You may have to start disabling plugins to see if there’s a conflict.

    Unfortunately, the URL is on a private server and I have nowhere to put it public.

    Yes, definitely tried without the second parameter.

    Yes, on 4.5.3

    Have regenerated thumbnails and can see that they are there. Plugin conflict may very well be part of this. Unfortunately, disabling them is huge since I’m using so many, but may have to get there. That may be the only explanation. Will of course let you know if I have a breakthrough. Do let me know if you have more thoughts as I’ve burned too much time on this one and may need to move on if I can’t come up with something quickly.

    OK, found it. Can’t believe it but I had a plugin activated that I was sure was not, Responsify WP, which definitely has everything to do with this. Out of curiosity, I want to see now if it would work without your plugin as well. It seems to work both ways, so perhaps my original theory about wordpress core not addressing the custom header image use case is incorrect.

    Sorry if I lead you down the wrong path this weekend, I don’t know if you were experience the same thing as me or not!

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    @mhair, there was definitely something in my plugin that needed to be fixed.

    Keep me posted.

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    Hey @mhair, how’s everything working?


    As I said, I ended up not using your plugin after I found that native responsive custom headers work fine…once the conflicting plugin (the other mentioned) was deactivated.

    Thx for the follow-up.

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    I’m just glad you got it all working and thanks. I really did have an issue with my plugin that you pointed out to me.

    Could this WordPress core trac issue be related?:

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    I don’t think it’s related to the original issue.

    Does your plugin support srcset for a custom header image?
    Because with this ongoing issue in WordPress core,
    srcset/sizes is missing in header images different to default header image
    (as one would achieve using this plugin).

    Plugin Author Andy Fragen


    Yes, this plugin supports srcset sizes.

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