• We installed this plug-in about three weeks ago. As soon as it was installed we started to receive between twenty to thirty new backlinks per days. These backlinks were all spam bot backlinks almost exclusively from Russian and Ukranian sites, many of them pornographic or links to 404 pages. We deleted them every day but the next day a new batch would appear.
    We sent three messages to WPLinkbuilder support to ask if this could be resolved and not one of these was even acknowledged.
    We then deleted WPLinkbuilder and since then we have received no more of these spam bot backlinks.
    Unless you want loads of spam bot backlinks which, presumably will damage your Google ranking, and no technical support, you should avoid this plug-in.

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    your rating is quite unfair, as it seems you misunderstood what the plugin actually does. It does not automatically build backlinks, and it especially does not build spam links. It merely detects all your existing backlinks from the referrer stored in a user’s browser and automatically promotes those backlinks by getting them indexed in search engines.

    The referrer value stored in a user’s browser (which the plugin uses to detect backlinks) can, however, be altered client side. Hence, there is no guarantee that the referrer is actually correct. Some shady sites alter this value and send bots to visit your site with an altered referrer (in hopes you see it in your logs and visit their spammy sites). When the plugin reads out such referrers, it faces an invalid referring URL.

    The only way to be sure that this provided referrer URL is a real one and it really contains a backlink, is to download the URL and check whether a backlink exists in the code. This is what the PRO version of the plugin does – which will be released very soon.


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