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  • Out of the box, you simply get nothing.
    Everything has to be coded by own means.
    Better develop your own plugin, it will be easier.

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  • Plugin Author Matty Cohen


    Hi John,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    When leaving a plugin review, we highly recommend providing information and context, such that the developer knows in which direction to improve and develop the plugin.

    If you have constructive criticism, we’d appreciate your feedback and do our best to incorporate it into the plugin, where possible.

    Thanks and regards,


    As I said: out of the box you get nothing.
    I mean absolutely no results. You have to build your own CSS, this is “by design” as the author states, and I don’t think this is something to expect from a WP plugin.

    There are many threads as this one:

    Nothing more to add here. I simply don’t know how to build my own CSS and I manage to build a bunch of WP sites without this knowledge because all plugins I’ve installed, bad or good, have this part build in and you simply have to adjust them if needed.

    Here nothing works that way. Just try by yourself. Install it and see what you get. Nothing. A standard WP page you can build without this plugin. So, what’s the point?

    As I said, that’s simply useless and a waist of time.
    And I don’t think I’m the only one here having those sort of issues. Just read the support section.

    I’m happy I found something that does the job, much better, here:


    Plugin Author Matty Cohen


    Hi John,

    Thanks for your feedback on this.

    I’m sorry to hear the plugin doesn’t meet your needs.

    Not including CSS is a deliberate choice, as CSS should be handled by the theme of your choosing.

    If you are developing websites using WordPress, and would like to get a bit more out of them, I’d advise taking the next step and learning a bit of CSS. It’s beneficial for customising websites, as well as creating your own designs. 🙂

    All of the best with your future endeavours.


    Interesting also to read similar comments made here a month ago:

    As stated there, you are not even able to format your own page with this plugin, so what to expect more here?

    I’ll start learning CSS when you’ll be able to make your plugin work for your own page…

    Plugin Author Matty Cohen



    So your actual complaint seems to be around the single team member views?

    Those can be customised in the your theme of choice by creating a “single-team-member.php” file.

    As stated above, the plugin is kept simple intentionally, so as not to clutter the WordPress installation, and to keep all the code in the correct location (functionality in the plugin, and styling in the theme of choice).

    If you’d prefer not to use our plugin, that’s okay. Our plugin is designed to meet a specific use case. If that’s not your use case (which it seems it isn’t), then that’s okay. Not every plugin will meet every user’s needs, and we realise that.

    All of the best with your future endeavours, and thank you for the feedback we were able to read through your comments.

    Thanks and regards,

    Those can be customised in the your theme of choice by creating a “single-team-member.php” file.

    Can someone share the code necessary to actually build this template?

    For example, how to show the team member’s details (especially the role).

    How about controlling the image too. It’s a square and cropped. How do you control that?

    This is why this plugin is more trouble than it’s worth. It’s easier to just create your own pages than write all this missing code.

    Plugin Author James Koster


    FYI we’ve written a tutorial to help you create a deeper integration between Our Team and your theme.

    I’m sorry I really don’t get the idea here.
    This is a do-it-yourself plugin and you have to create all files by yourself?
    What for?
    I mean, better hire a developer and do the job from scratch.
    I’m sorry, I’m really not interested but hope others will do.

    I understand where the OP is coming from. I also understand where Woo Themes is coming from.

    The OP, thought that this was a finished end-user product. It clearly is not. This is something that should be noted on the description. This product is for Theme Builders and code developers. It requires certain knowledge that not your every where joe-blow knows.

    Which puts me in the same position as the OP. I was looking for a simple plugin to add a couple of members of a team to a page.

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