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  • Check this site, grab the function code, load up a 1px x 1px 8bit transparent spacer.png, and ref the function as instructed. Voilà! IE with PNG-24 transparency!

    It actually works. I remain amazed. You can check it by visiting P O V using IE…. I only have IE6 to test with now, but I understand it works for 5.5+…. (and yes, I’m aware that the 3px jog in the header is still showing – I just spent a day and a half getting transparency to work; I’ll fix the 3px jog tomorrow!)

    [Edit: btw, this is NOT a javascript solution! 100% php….]

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  • Not sure but you may have forgot about FF because there are many images not showing regarding to Taft. PS I liked the other better, you keep changing, hard to keep up with!!!

    I see you may have fixed the image errors from earlier. I do like Taft it is just that about an hour earlier there were some strange things going on with it.

    Nope, that’s something wonky with Taft itself, I guess – keeps throwing a weird archive/welcome-to-pov/index.php in after the “real” addy, then saving it somehow. Still chasing that one – but FF images work fine, when the index page loads right….

    Once I get all the bugs sorted, I’ll be adding the theme switcher back in.

    wow we were cross posting as I was editing above!!!!

    As well, I should note that various things still need fixing, including the above you noticed. But at least the transparency is fixed! Yes, I’ve been working on it off and on all day, so likely you hit it at an “off time”….

    [[Edit: that one was a fairly simple fix-it. Things like centering in IE and making the font display large enough to read are for tomorrow….]]

    All sorted now, including placing the theme switcher where it’s immediately accessible.

    Dawg, I posted a question or so on your test blog. Please check and let me know….

    More solutions:
    JavaScript -> Bob Osola- PNG in Windows IE
    PHP -> digitalfire – PNG Image files

    vkaryl, i tried that php fix earlier today, but it seems i am slow.
    where exactly do you place the start-php and end-php bits in wordpress?

    please be very exact so other newbies like me get it as well 🙂

    PS: thank you already for lighting up that bulb at the end of my tunnel,
    now show me how i reach that bright spot, please 😀

    Hi manumanu –

    <?php ob_start(); ?> goes as the very first line (above even the doctype!) in header.php.

    include_once 'replacePngTags.php';
    echo replacePngTags(ob_get_clean());

    goes at the very end of the files where there are transparent pngs – just ABOVE the </body> tag. And that will depend on the theme you’re using of course. For Taft (the theme that occasioned the whole process) it’s at the end of index.php, page.php, and single.php.

    Good luck with it. It’s by no means perfect as a solution, but it does work.

    vkaryl, thanks so far 🙂

    but the only /body tag i can find in the latest k2 beta theme (for wp2) is in the footer, and that is not really working it seems…

    Um. I can’t help you with k2. It’s essentially a “fork” of wp, and some things seem to work differently in it. You would have to ask some things from k2’s author.

    I would think, though, that if the footer has the only </body> tag within the k2 templates, that would be where you’d need to place the ending php, just above it. If it just refuses to work, you might try contacting Justin Koivisto at the site addy above and see if he’s got any bright ideas….

    THis method doesn’t work for me. In IE, the images just disappear completely. Using works perfectly… until you try to select the image (png32) randomly with scripting, then it also causes the image to either not have the transparency applied or to disappear completely, depending upon the method used to randomly select the image.

    sheesh. Is there NO in between?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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