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  1. drp.lee
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm looking for a way of adding one or two additional features to the revisions table. Mainly what i want to do is allow a new post to be created from an old revision (sort of like forking).

    Looking at the source code: http://wpseek.com/wp_list_post_revisions/ i can see that the table is built without using the wordpress table builder class like the post's table uses.

    This means that the $actions variable is completely isolated from plugins, which is where i am stuck. I DO NOT want to edit the core wordpress file's as the site needs to remain update-able without me having to apply patches on every core update.

    Does anyone have any idea's of how to do what i want? My best idea so far (which ive literally come up with while typing this message, which is usually the way), is to surpress the revisions box, then create a plugin which calls the wp_list_post_revisions() function, but wraps it in an output buffer, then use regex (or the like) to work out where in the output html i need to inject my links, inject them into the html, then print to the screen.

    Any better / nicer solutions would be appreciated (or simply if this is the best way, then how do i keep WP making revisions, but disable the revisions box on this specific post type).

  2. jenUnderscore_
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I found this, and have the same question.

    Did you get any further on this. I highly suspect this whole function needs to be re-written in a more "hook-able" way. I too do not want to re-write the entire feature, but it's looking that way.

    WordPress, is this something that is being worked on?


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