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  • A couple of weeks ago i started a new site… It’s a dutch website where friends are able to post recipe’s (food).

    Please give me some feedback! be honest!!!!

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  • hmmm i should post the adres…

    First of all, I want to eat it. Spaghetti alla Carbonara is a favorite…hmmmmm.

    I like the clean look of things. The silverwhere in the background is a darling touch. Simple and clean and the header is cute. South Park meets Ready, Steady, Cook.

    The use of titles is fine, but they just appear…empty with the author, date and comments below. If you are working on having a long list, then maybe skip the meta details and just give us the recipe and the categories it is in. Or, start each recipe with a little story about the recipe, to urge us to try us or feel nostaligic or something and let that be the lead. I like information to have value, and recipes are timeless, so who cares if you posted it yesterday or last year. I want to be inspired to click to get to the recipe.

    In the category pages, there are descriptions, so that would also work, but it just needs….something….more.

    Also, when you are in the categories, the description information in the sidebar is in English. Might want to change that in your templates.

    In the single post view, the one with the full recipe, the grey is gone behind the sidebar. I like a consistent look in websites, so this struck me as odd. You might want to put it back, or remove it in the rest, but stay consistent.

    It looks fun and simple, but it is a little lacking. Maybe it’s me, but when I visit a site about recipes, I want to know the stories along with the recipes. Not too much, just something. Or give me good pictures. 😉

    There are a few validation errors that will need to be fixed. Basically, in XHTML, do not use capital letters for tags (no <P> but <p>) and all non-closing tags must be self-closing. That means that <br> needs to be <br /> and images need to have a /> at the end, too.

    The rest is pretty self explanatory.

    Good job! I look foward to seeing your improvements…and recipes.

    Wow.. thanx for your comments…

    i didn’t notice the grey being gone on the single post view. now you mentioned it… it is disturbing.. same is the language in the sidebar… did’t have time for that. maybe tomorrow 😉

    thanx for the tips on the meta details and the stories about the recipe’s.
    pictures –> already working on that one!

    thanks again for the comments… i’m learning everyday!

    anyone else got som comments???

    mattijs, you might want to check out The Weekend Chef blog and get some ideas, as they could get some ideas from you too.

    I think it’s really cute how you personalized the Kubrick theme. Very clever!

    That mozzarella dish looks REALLY GOOD.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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