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  • Than in MT because that is the reason why I am changing if its the same then its pointless me changing, I have seen conflicting views and I really would like to find out..

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  • If spam is the reason you are changing, I wouldn’t bother.

    I don’t know – I’ve not used MT (well I did, until it said “Rebuilding” one time too many.. but that’s another thread ..) – but if you take the time to get the defences up, keep an eye on any updates, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t switch.
    Spam is an issue no matter what blog system you choose if you want comments, but seeing as WP is written in PHP, and has a very active bunch of coders not only discussing ways of combatting it but also coding solutions (it’s happening right now in #irc) then I certainly think you’ve got every reason to switch.
    After all WP is free. The people coding this aren’t doing it so they can increase a licence fee or restrict users, they are doing it because it’s a challenge, it’s a bad thing that spam gets through and they are actively interested in benefitting everyone.
    Bear in mind also that there are over 25,000 installed WP blogs and that not everyone has protection.

    WP used to suffer a lot less from spam than MT but then more people started using WP and the spammers got wise. You will have to install spam management plugins with WP now just as you do with MT. In my experience the most effective is WP-Blacklist, which is based on an MT plugin anyway. :p
    There are lots of reasons for switching, but I agree with Beel and charle97 that spam protection is no longer one of them.

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    Personally, I think the SPAM blocking methods in WP are the same as MT if not better. Take a look here for the best methods:

    well, spammers can’t spam posts that don’t exist in mt. in wp, they have a field day hitting new wp users.

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    Ah, but that’s what TG’s code is for ^_- . And a smart user would search for SPAM tactics before installing. Therefore, a smart user would have TG’s code active the moment the blog went live. And remember, we’re just in v1.2.1, not v3.whatever like MT.

    I am sure TG’s code is nice but I have yet to use a blocker other than what comes with WP – I just do a block delete of spam in moderation every couple of days. 1.3a just had a nice twist added that has resulted in none slipping through.

    Sure you still get spam in WP.
    But it’s easier to delete mass amounts of it in WP with a few clicks – rather than MT’s 1 deletion at a time lameness.
    Spam or not, you’ll never want to go back to MT after you get cozy with WP.
    Once we get a good working captcha for WP there should be no problems.
    If noone is working on one, then I’ll start this weekend.

    If anyone wants to see what exists, then check here:
    It’s not the case that just because a method exists that another shouldn’t be coded, just that any code would be better if it used slightly different approaches to keep the target moving for the spammers.

    I’m with podz – it’s like winter clothing, the best protection is in layers. What comes w/ WP works, but it isn’t 100% fool-proof. So you add a couple of layers, each one catching finer and finer results.
    Now, as for what’s becomming known as “TG’s Code” — <roll-eyes /> — it isn’t so much a spam-proofing technique, but a fix to a loophole bug that IMHO shouldn’t have been in the first place. Even with all the other spam check in place, I’d suggest that it be put into place.

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