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    Hello @buggybug

    We are sorry for the trouble that we may have caused.

    Unfortunately, there are no pending tickets older than 2 days. It could be an SMTP issue, possibly our reply was not delivered. This has been one of the busiest weeks of all time and all our support members worked extra hours to serve our users. We ensured no tickets get unanswered for more than 48 hours(including the weekend period) so, there must have been an issue with the mail delivery.

    Please help us investigate the matter by emailing us directly or through the URL

    I hope you allow us a chance to rectify the situation and cooperate so all our hard works don’t go in vain.


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    This just proves that my review is 100% honest and accurate.
    You just make another false claim again
    I reach to directorist already using my personal email and even livechat that are available on your official website.
    8 days isnt something you just forget and forgive easily, the development just stop like that. and i believe the answer about technical support are gonna be like this :
    ” sorry for now we are unable to do such things”
    which is okay if you cant assist us with some things, we completely understand that but if it took 8 days++ to give such an answer then i dont know what to say.
    please do not give me another email address for such a support.
    the reason why i was using this random account to make this review is because i cant take this thing seriously anymore tbh i dont want to reply to this review again and gotta leave this one for the last.

    Plugin Support Rafiz Sejim


    Hello @buggybug

    Thank you very much for confirming.

    We are in touch with you since June 25 and we have assisted you over 30+ times. Some of your requirements are not issues but custom requirements which we most of the time helped you with. Here are some examples of your requests

    1. I want to remove the paragraph description box. I just think it’s not user friendly. and wanted to change just a simple white box in there

    Ans: You can use the following CSS

    #wp-listing_content-wrap #wp-listing_content-editor-tools, #wp-listing_content-editor-container .mce-container-body .mce-top-part, #wp-listing_content-editor-container .mce-container-body .mce-statusbar {
        display: none;

    2. In Dashboard > My profile > There are forms for Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,and Youtube.
    Q: Can i change the facebook form to instagram ?

    Ans: You need to modify the code or use jQuery to change the name of the “Facebook” field to “Instagram”. If you are not sure how to add custom JS, then you can download the plugin “Simple Custom CSS and JS” and add the code in Custom JS.

       var newPlaceholder =  document.getElementById("facebook");
       newPlaceholder.placeholder = "Enter your Instagram URL";
        $('.user_info_wrap .row_socials label[for="facebook"]').text('Instagram');

    These are just to mention a few but there are more

    2. We even sent you video’s

    We replied to you every time since the last 8 months but for some reason we missed your last reply. Just to let you know your last reply was spammed for some reason which we don’t have any control in and we never received your email in our mailbox. All of a sudden without confirming anything you went ahead and left a review without respecting our relationship that we had for the last 8 months! This is very disheartening as all our hard works and custom supports went in vain!

    Even our support member confirmed that we didn’t receive your last email! Please try to evaluate the case and coopearate with us to rectify the situation.

    Kind Regards,

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    First i wanted to say thank you for the support even till now.
    I indeed confirming something, that i send you guys a chat asking if my email has been delivered because its been 4 days and i still not receiving any reply.
    Last i heard that you guys have been receiving my email and i will receiving support in the next 24hrs, but then nothing happens.
    and then i chat again because its almost 9 days till now and still no response/ development regarding my email
    yes i confirmed that my question are 60% about customization
    but then i agree if there are some things you cant assist.

    Second i apologize if something that i do are very disheartening, i am willing to evaluate this review and anything i hope that will fix between us.
    Kind Regards

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