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  • I’ve tried searching for an answer to this one and can’t quite find it here.

    I have a blog (wife’s site… so it’s imperitive that I get it fixed ASAP. I’m sure you can appreciate that need to fix this. 😉

    I want the home page to be what you see on that page. A basic info page. (this is currently straight HTML in the home.php page of her theme).

    I also want to link to which would be the main page of her blog that would show all the posts.

    WordPress is installed on the root of the server.
    Wordpress address and blog address are as follows:

    and permalinks are as follows:

    any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong? I thought this would be easy but I’m finding it to be difficult.

    Using WP 2.0.3.

    Thank you anyone… Please… My marriage depends on it. 😉

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