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  • What I am trying to achieve is the latest post as full content, with the following posts displaying excerpts only. I am using home.php to hold code to do this, and was expecting that when the ‘next page’ link was clicked, index.php would be called and display excerpted posts only. But the paged page still works off home.php.
    I also tried messing with the is_paged tag, but to no avail as the home page seems to be counted as a paged page.
    So, the question is can pagination links be made to switch from home.php to index.php?

    Current relevent code section from home.php is:

    [The obvious thing is to remove the next/previous nagivation, avoiding the problem, but I want to keep them].

    (no URI either as said files are on my local machine).

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  • Resolved (I think), changed
    if ($ctr == "0") {
    if (($ctr == "0") && ($paged == "1")) {
    I’ve been hacking at this for the last week and then solve it within 45 minutes of asking for help. Oh well 🙂

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