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    Any help with this will be highly appreciated.

    Currently, running WP2.6, the homepage has stopped loading and instead it thinks the last post that was published is the homepage!!!

    I’ve even removed the post (deleted it) but WordPress still thinks that URL is the homepage URL.

    Visitor —-> —> loads Old Post URL –> gives 404 error

    I’ve changed themes it happens in every theme.

    Therefore, no one can access the homepage of the site 🙁

    To temp solve it I’m using the redirection plugin to redirect all visits to my site from the ‘deleted’ post to my index.php ….

    This is a fudge and I really need to understand how can I correct the problem. Is there some place in the database? a file that gets updated??

    I am very miffed at this … HELP!!!!!!!

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  • That’s kinda a confusing explanation but let’s see what we can do with it.

    the homepage has stopped loading and instead it thinks the last post that was published is the homepage!!!

    What do you mean by that? What’s SUPPOSED to be on your homepage? Normally the last post published is what’s there which is exactly what you say IS there. That’s the way it works.

    Maybe you could explain a little more clearly what’s happening.


    Sorry if this was not so clear. Ok let me try again.

    As per normal the homepage is picked up by index.php which is how the site has been working until this happened.

    When I published this post, for some reason, the ‘new’ homepage for the site became the URL for this post. When I clicked on ‘home’ on the header, all I kept on getting was this particular post and not the real homepage.

    Using permalinks: =

    As I said, the post was deleted, which then resulted a 404 whenever I click on ‘home’ on the header.

    So, now to fudge it I am using the redirection plugin. Today I have noticed the site is not being picked up by Google now due to this problem. As google cannot access a ‘homepage’ for the site.

    So, this is serious problem. Any help on this is highly appreciated. Thx.

    My homepage is a theme based home page which does not display all the posts but like a magazine, showing categories and a one like link to new posts…

    Another thing I have found ..

    If I switch of permalinks to default, then the works (without the redirection plugin fudge) but the URL in the address bar still has the custom permalink and reference to that post!!! i.e.

    and not

    So, this problem post URL seems to be stuck somewhere in the WP system as being the address for the homepage. Becuase it thinks the homepage is this full url and not the usual default.


    Resolved. It was a problem with the redirection plug-in still having a record of the deleted URL in its table.

    Deleted the record and it worked.

    Thx to the help of the Live chat IRC WordPress channel. In particular Steve Smith. Gr8 support from him on this!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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