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  • First, I am newish and still learning. Running a few wp sites. I want to remove a subdirectory from showing up in the homepage url. Seems simple… here’s the story:

    I have looked and followed the two highly referenced responses to similar issues:

    I’m helping a client and they bought the host and domain package from Network Solutions. I installed WP via the site. It makes you choose a subdirectory to install and comes with a bunch of crap – plugins and themes. All good, but when I go to the homepage it always loaded as (the subdirectory I installed it in). The site wouldn’t load so I redirected it via the host to the subdirectory. It worked, but then I tried to change the site and wordpress url’s to the root but it crashed and was able to get it back up through the back door. Tried contacting NS support many times but to no avail (they said they could fix it in 15 minutes for $60!).

    I thought that maybe removing the subdirectory and moving everything to the root folder via FTP would solve it. I moved everything and changed the site and WP url to match. Didn’t work. Homepage still redirects to old, deleted subdirectory, but theme loads dummy page. I was able to get into admin still (via root login not subdirectory anymore) and redirect the site url only to Now the site loads, but it brings me right back to where I started in this thread: the site still loads as

    I went back to NS and redirected it to the root hoping that it wouldn’t load right and then, would only have to change the site url again, but nothing happens. I went back hours later and my redirection didn’t seem to go through (it does say it could take 24-48 hours), but the redirection link somehow reverted back to the subdirectory folder automatically! Changed it back to root and hoping something will happen.

    Oddly, in Network Solutions if I go to installed apps, it is still showing my initial WP installation and the deleted subdirectory. There are options to “remove this wordpress” and “Unset this wordpress my homepage.” Honestly, I am scared to hit either one based off unknown consequences and truthfully, I would never recommend Network Solutions to anyone.

    Any help, suggestions, or questions would be welcome.

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