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  1. jbrien
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi all, the site link is: http://www.3dissue.com
    so problem is, even though the homepage is set to static, and blog pahe set to posts page, paged versions of all pages on our wp site are being created. We noticed due to increasing number of duplicate content and crawl error (404s) issues reported in GWT in recent weeks.
    e.g. http://www.3dissue.com/page/20/ as well ashttp://www.3dissue.com/blog.html/page/20/
    We have set http://www.3dissue.com as static homepage, and http://www.3dissue.com/blog.html/ as posts page, nevertheless these urls are created for all pages. Does anyone know where these are generated? Or if there is another setting we accidentally changed. We upgraded to WordPress 3.8 recently. Need to stop this from happening as it is created duplicate versions of all pages that searchbots are somehow finding & crawling.
    They are not linked to from anywhere that we can find. We have disabled all plug-ins to rule them out but the page urls still exist. Any advice greatly appreciated! :)

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