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    Hello, I have a few questions regarding homepage seo.

    First of all, my made up WordPress Dashboard settings are:
    Site title: “Socks”
    Tagline: “Short Description of the Website”

    Now in TSF Homepage settings:

    1. On general page when I leave Meta Title blank it behaves normally
    but setting “Meta Title Additions Location” is odd

    Setting Right looks in google search results like:
    Socks | Short Description of the Website

    When set Left it looks in search results like:
    Socks: Short Description of the Website

    2. When I edit the Meta Title, the Tagline (Meta Title Addition) is grayed out (blocked from edits) but Site Title disappears and can be edited/changed. When I do that, and change it to something (for example “Random Words | Short Description of the Website”)
    The website is displayed in search results as “Socks” (site title from wordpress settings) and nothing more, no tagline / meta title additions.

    When Site Title is typed in manually (instead of leaving the field blank, and letting plugin complete it) search results are displayed correctly. But the thing I’ve described in point 1. still applies.

    When I type Site Title and add the additional word, for example “Socks Now | Short Description of the Website” search results are displayed as expected. And left/right from point 1. displays in search results as expected.


    Each time I made a change I requested URL indexing in google search console, and waited till the changes were live (I made sure they were – each time I also changed slightly meta description).
    If you hover over the browser tab, the changes made in plugin are displayed correctly in each case.


    My question is, are those bugs, features or intricacies of wordpress itself?
    How can I set “Short Description of the Website | Socks” without adding words/letters to site title?

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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer



    Please read the overview here; it’ll clear things up:

    It’s also a free extension that should resolve the issues you’re experiencing after activating. I also recommend sending a request to the theme author to stop messing with the titles.

    Please keep in mind that Google will not always honor the titles you relay, and they override them instead. They have various rules around this, mainly that you must include the brand/site name.

    Thanks for reading the post and replying!
    Extension unfortunately didn’t fix it (at least the left/right issue) but I will contact theme support – I’m using Generatepress.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi @krystian13,

    GeneratePress doesn’t have this issue.

    Could you please share the affected site URL with me? If you wish, you can do so confidentially via our contact page. I’ll have a closer look, thanks!

    I’ve sent you info via contact page.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer



    I received your email. Thank you for all the details!

    Everything looks good to me from a technical standpoint. There are no bugs, but Google has chosen to ignore the titles set by The SEO Framework.

    Please see this document from Google. Underneath the guidelines, they state state why they may choose to ignore your title tags.

    However, in your case, I highly suspect Google ignored the title due to a lag between processing your content and metatags. And, from what I gathered, TSF has only been active for a few days on your website. Coherency of the data from other pages they still need to process also plays a role. So, give it a few weeks and check again. Google is not the fastest when it comes to updating their result pages.

    I hope this explains it well. It’s a bit technical, but the gist is that all you can do is to wait for a better outcome.

    I’m marking this topic as resolved because there are no technical issues present with The SEO Framework and your website. If you still notice Google doesn’t honor the titles after a week or two, reach out to me again. Cheers!

    Thanks for assistance!
    I’m happy there are no bugs, and sorry for raising false alarm 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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