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Homepage redirect error – Yoast 301 Redirect tool

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    Followed instructions from http://yoast.com/change-wordpress-permalink-structure/ in order to redirect all .thml pages to no extensions.

    All old .html pages redirect great, but only the Front Home Page redirects to non-existing URL: healing-fibroids.com/index ending in 404 error.

    My Front Home PAGE right now is healing-fibroids.com/healing-fibroids (it shows as healing-fibroids.com , because i chose it as the Front Home Page).

    Not sure how relevant it is, but originally some time ago the Site used to be http://www.healing-fibroids.com (note the www.), and it had the home page set as http://healing-fibroids.com/index.html (was showing as http://www.healing-fibroids.com) back then.

    Does the trouble have to do with me recently choosing to drop the www. which could mean redirect? Or is it something else?

    I will do what’s needed ideally (for example create a new Front page with healing-fibroids.com/index address etc), but what is it i should do for the Front Home Page to show properly at http://healing-fibroids.com domain address?

    Thank you in advance.

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