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  • Hi
    I updated some plugins and now my website is upside down.

    First the home page is no longer the home page. I had set it up so that the About page was diplayed on the front page. Now the home page is the agenda page. But I removed the agenda so dpwatch/agenda does no longer exist.

    Why is my about page under the url?
    I’ve checked in the permalink…
    I have no clue why the about page is the agenda page. Doesn’t make any sense!

    I’ve changed the theme== same problem
    I’ve set another page as homepage in the reading section ===same problem
    I’ve deleted the agenda page===same problem
    I’ve changed the permalink===same problem
    And how can I report a spammer on the forum?

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  • Have you gone back through and double checked that the settings you used to have are still set correctly? For example, the ‘About’ page is still set as the Home page in wp-admin->Reading?

    I’d start disabling plugins until this straightens out. Then when you find out which plugins are causing this you can go about trying to fix it. Its probably worth disabling all the plugins and re-enabling them too. Sometimes updates don’t quite work right unless you do that.

    Correct that’s what I did and it was the redirection pluggin and headspace.
    Gone now 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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