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  1. Guybrarian333
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Setting up a brand new site - http://www.curiousbooks.org - and seem to have no trouble accessing posts or subpages (e.g. http://www.curiousbooks.org/hello-world/), but the main site cannot be found by IE or Firefox. I've played around w/ changing the Front Page, but still get nothing from the site's main URL. Anyone got any tips for me?

  2. terry808
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Have you set up htaccess file?

    When you change permalinks you should update your htaccess file with code given if it's not already automatically updated.

    My website http://bridgingloanquotes.co.uk had some issue with this, but I managed to fix it quite easily. It works for me atleast?

    Please see this; codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks

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