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  • Plugin Contributor Lap


    It’s possible that you have some custom code in your site that doesn’t allow the topbar to display on the homepage, but this would normally only be the case if someone intentionally added that code to your site. E.g.

    There is also a setting under MailChimp for WP > Topbar > Advanced to not show the topbar on certain pages.

    It’s also possible that your theme is not properly loading all plugins on the homepage, maybe to improve site speed.

    Or maybe you have some server caching active that is still showing an older cached version of the homepage?

    thank you for the detailed response:
    1. do not show on certain pages is EMPTY
    2. the autoptimize speed is working on all pages
    3. cache is empty and i clean it every day

    have you heard of a plugin that might cause this problem?

    are you using wp_footer() to load the topbar?

    Plugin Contributor Harish Chouhan


    Hey @saveatrain,

    Yes, we do use the “wp_footer” hook to add our plugin’s HTML code to your website.

    here is our list of plugins:
    do you see something there that could potentially disturb your plugin not to load on the front page?

    Plugin Contributor Harish Chouhan



    Can you please disable “Auto Optimize” and any other caching related plugins on your website and let is know?

    disabling autoptimize loads the images on the front page of the blog, but not your subscriber bar.
    this is why i shared with you our plugins, maybe you saw this problem before.

    on the blog pages it works, if you don’t have any idea, then i will try to disable one by one and see what bothers the wpfooter

    Plugin Contributor Lap


    If you have a staging site (or a good backup) you could try switching to another theme to make sure it’s not related to your theme.

    Note you really need a good backup before testing this because some themes can lose all their settings and widget locations when you do this!

    None of the plugins really stand out to me regarding this issue and I don’t remember anyone else reporting this issue.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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