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  • Hi,
    My website is a multiple site that runs on sub folders, yesterday when I was doing a routine SERP check, I found surprisingly that the homepage of our most important subsite is completely removed from google index, this is the homepage that is removed:

    Then I found out that the homepage is added a “noindex, nofollow” meta tag automatically, our web developer removed the meta tags immediately, and we’ve found out where these meta tags came from, it turns out that the homepage copied all its meta tags from a newly added test post, including noindex, nofollow, keyword and description tags.

    Although we have removed the tags, and the developer has added some codes to prevent the homepage from getting tags from other posts, but he could not tell why the homepage would do this in the first place, his assumption is that this is a feature of the wordpress system, but I seriously doubt it because first it is unreasonable, and second, I could not find anyone discussing the same problem in a google search.

    So please can anyone take a look at the homepage and tell me your thought about it? is it a feature of wordpress? has it happened to any of you before? how did you fix the problem and prevent it from happening again?

    Thanks alot for your help!

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  • Meta tags such as noted above are included in header.php (or the theme file or function that is used by theme to create the header)’s not random, and your web dev should know this (or you should seek a better one)…

    Any good theme will strip such meta tags from a post…that said I do not see the meta tag for this in either form (allow – not allow)

    By the way, I forgot to mention, the way the posts are added with the “noindex nofollow” tags is a feature the web developer has make available for us, it’s not through a plug-in, but some codes he wrote.

    So I suspect that the feature he developed has messed up with the homepage in some way.

    hi, thanks for the reply, I asked the developer to add this feature to the theme, I asked him to let me check or uncheck to select if I want to add the noindex tag to any page or post, I was using it to get rid of some duplicate pages from google’s index, I think it’s this feature that messed up the homepage and created the random noindex tag.
    Thank you

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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