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  • godsdead


    Hey there, im creating a video website, and haven’t found a suitable video gallery plugin, so this is my process so far that im stuck with!

    I want a gallery of latest Video Thumbnails on the front page, so at present each video is embedded into its own post as it needs accomplying text information & links,

    To handle Thumbnails the_excerpt() will hold a thumbnail of the youtube video, that when clicked will go to the full blog with the Video.

    But I also need to have a Blog for separate articles that arnt listed on the homepage, but when “Blog” is clicked in the menu it takes the user to all blog posts minus the video category.

    So what would be the best method for this? I have tried setting the homepage to static page and creating a custom template, but i couldn’t figure out how to get The Loop to display a list of the latest posts from category 3 (videos), it just outputted info for the page i created, i thought maybe pages were separate to the loop system, so am trying to figure out another method..

    So its now back to front page displaying latest posts, What about index.php “The Loop” to display from category 3 (my videos) only.. But then i dont know how to have the menu for Blog separate, on my travels i have seen <?php if ( is_home() && is_front_page() ) { ?> used for static content, but im not sure if i could use this in the right context.

    – Thanks

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