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  • I really like the Vigilance theme, but there are two issues I have with it. First, I would like to see a version that doesn’t have a default Home tab. I’m trying to use WordPress as a CMS and I cannot create an effective static home page. What I can do is create a Home page that is the child of another page (let’s call it “Private”). Next I go into Settings<Reading<Front Page Displays and set Home as the front page and Private as the posts page. Finally I go into the page settings for Private and set the visibility to private. These steps ensure that I don’t have two Home tabs and makes it so that when the Home tab is highlighted, another tab isn’t highlighted as well (which is what happens if you make the Home page the child of a non-private page). The problem with this is that I can’t edit the text on my Home page (or Private page for that matter) without having the settings revert, forcing me to repeat the process over again! Phew.

    Second, it would be nice to have a theme option to remove the “Recent Article” text at the bottom right of the Home page (in case you want a static home page).

    I don’t know any CSS, so maybe I’m ignorant of a way to adjust these things within the CSS file of the Vigilance Child Theme? An suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Getting rid of the “Recent Article” section at the bottom right of the page is as easy as adding a widget of some type (previously I removed all widgets). If you add the text widget but do not add any text to it then you can have a blank sidebar (with a picture if you choose), which is what I was going for.

    I made getting rid of a duplicate Home tab much more complicated than necessary. Simply make a page named Home and a new page, make the new page the parent of Home, then change the visibility of the new page to private. Unfortunately you can’t edit the Home page without reverting settings…

    In Vigilance Options under Navigation it says that you can exclude pages from the header. I was hoping this meant that if you add a Home page you could simply exclude it from the header, but this does not work for me. Is this feature only meant to be used in conjunction with the pages widget?

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