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[Resolved] Home screen problems

  • I’ve just started using WordPress, and perhaps due to my lack of experience in wed design, am having trouble with my homepage; specifically, my homepage (plain site URL which I’ve called “home”) shows the content of the last page I’ve created. The only way I have found to solve it is by creating a new page (let’s call it “about,” which becomes the last page created) and placing content that I want to appear on the homepage… so now both regular URL and URL/about show the same content – in other words, these are two redundant pages. If I decide to make this last created page, the “about” one “private,” while I solve the problem of having two redundant pages, it leaves a gray square in the place that “about” tab on the menue would be. I’m using the Pinboard theme, if that is in any way helpful. Thanks in advance!

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  • Josh


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    What exactly are you wanting to do? Do you want a homepage which displays your latest posts? Or do you want a homepage which is static and never changes.. unless you change it?

    Thanks for the quick reply Josh — even though I’ve tried to change the settings multiple times, it didn’t work…until now, when I wanted to look them up and describe them to you… perhaps I didn’t refresh/update adequately… Either way, thanks for pointing me in the right direction 😛



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    You bet. Thanks for marking as resolved.

    Yes.. the browser cache can be frustrating sometimes. Just remember it usually will affect any CSS changes.. or changes to JavaScript files.

    It’s good practice to get familiar with how to manually empty your browser cache when making these types of adjustments.

    Good Luck!!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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