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    I am EXTREMELY new at this. Can someone please explain how to remove the HOME text from the header in Mandigo? Please use simple English.
    Thank you so much!

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  • manety


    Go to Appearance > Editor
    Under Theme Files > Select “Header (header.php)”
    Find “HOME”

    Now, you need a little bit of PHP and HTML knowledge to make this change.
    I’ll leave it up to you 🙂

    If in doubt, post more question below and please be more specific.



    Thank you so much. You rock!!!
    Your instructions worked, but I got carried away. I deleted HOME. That was successful. But then I wanted to delete “Mandigo”. It appears I deleted too much code and now I have serious errors instead of a blog. Can I just re-set the defaults somehow? If so, how?



    Yes you can.
    Depends on which theme you are using.
    Just upload original “header.php” from your computer to overwrite the old file on the server. (I assumed you know where “header.php” is)

    Refresh your site and you should see the reverted version.



    I appreciate your help but I think I’m screwed. I’m using the Mandigo Theme and I’m not sure that I’m taking the right steps to upload the original “header.php”. It isn’t overwriting the old file. It seems like the new damaged “header.php” (thanks to me) is still there. Should I be logged in when I am doing this, or logged out? I’m obviously missing a step. And yes, I have refreshed.



    Assuming you have a full extracted copy of your theme on your computer, all it should take is starting your FTP program of choice and sending the original copy of header.php to the folder the screwed up one resides in. It WILL overwrite the bad one, as manety points out. Then go in and remove the code you used to remove the HOME button and leave the rest alone.

    This is why you should always back up a file before editing it.



    Thank you very much for the advice. Since I am just a regular person believing the hype that making one’s own blog is easy, I naturally do not have a fully extracted copy of my theme on my computer. If WordPress is supposed to be easy, I’d like to see a site that is difficult. Sorry to vent. I’m tired and frustrated, but appreciative of all the help. You are very kind. Karen.



    Download the theme again, go to you filemanager in cPanel (or open an ftp client) and simply copy the contents of the fresh header.php from the download into your header.php file in your theme (or upload the new header.php file to your themes directory using the ftp client). This should fix the error there. Keep a copy of Mandigo untouched and unedited so that you can recover if it happens again.

    To remove your home link, you will need to remove this section of the code in your header.php file:

    <li class="page_item"><a href="<?php echo get_option('home'); ?>/"><?php _e('Home', 'mandigo'); ?></a></li>

    I’m not familiar with this theme, and it looks to be filled to the brim with other code, but with that

  • tag removed, the only pages that should display from this point on are your ‘pages’ as they should normally.
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