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  1. Shasta
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am most of the way through creating a duplicate of my live site locally. (This will be a development sandbox.) I am running WordPress with Network and BuddyPress.

    I started by installing XAMPP and setting my hosts file so that testsite.com points at the folder WordPress is installed in locally.

    Next I imported the existing live-site database and manually updated the wp_blogs, wp_site, wp_x_options, wp_sitemeta to testsite.com instead of site.com (the live site.) wp_config.php is also updated to reflect testsite.com

    At this point everything on the local site works EXCEPT the main page. I can navigate through the admin pages, and I can visit any sub-page. The automatic menu links are formed properly with testsite.com/whatever ... it's all good.

    EXCEPT when I try to go to http://testsite.com it always redirects to http://site.com This happens whether I type in the address, click on the link in admin, or click on the "home" menu item from a page in the site.

    Any ideas?

  2. Shasta
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Ah..I think it may be a browser issue. It's working in IE (which I hadn't used before) and other sub-blogs are working in Firefox too. I tried deleting cookies to no avail, but I suspect it's something along those lines.

    I dunno if admin ever cleans off empty threads, but I suspect my problem here was specific to me, so feel free if you do.

  3. We leave them alone for the next person :)

    EXCEPT when I try to go to http://testsite.com it always redirects to http://site.com

    What happens if you go to testsite.com/index.php?

  4. Shasta
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Those were all fine, as well as all the http://user.testsite.com pages.

    It turned out the problem was with my browser. I threw out all the cookies, but I must have had that window open when I did it, because after I posted I closed everything in the browser, threw out cookies again, and it was fine.

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