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    Firstly thank you for any and all advice in advance – I’m at the point of pulling out my hair and am getting desperate.

    I have a very strange issue with my static home page that I only noticed this morning. This was definitely not happening yesterday. I updated to WP 5.2.2 last night just before jumping off the pc. The first thing I realised was that my admin toolbar that usually appears at the top of the page was missing in admin mode but that was only the beginning.

    The issue became more apparent as I attempted to add a new page to my main user navigation menu (that sits at the top of every page of my website) via the customize settings while removing an old page from the menu – which was updating in the preview as was normal, but for a strange reason after clicking publish and viewing the page live, the drop menu item i added was not visible on the home page, and the item i removed was still there with a working link. My changes are still updating live for every other page on the website (I learnt this by sheer luck and trial and error). For those interested in taking a closer look, the issue is in the ‘Products’ drop down tab which is visible on all pages – the last option should say ‘refrigeration for cold room trailers’, but it instead has on old page with product we no longer offer.

    Further more, in Appearance > Menus, my changes are as they should be. Every other page is as it should be – the admin tool bar at the top of the pages are all visible. It seems as if the static page just is not updating.

    Now here is the really screwy part – I attempted to clone the home page just to view it to see if this would fix the issue – and it worked! My ‘Products’ menu drop down had the correct items in it, the admin tool bar was visible, so I went and disabled the existing home page, went to Settings > Reading, and changes the home page to the clone I made, only to be met with the exact same issue – and then to rub salt in the wound, the original homepage that was no longer set as the static page, was working in private view with my added changes.

    So I am completely stumped. On top of this, my backup plugin (updraft plus) which I have been using for 8 months regularly with no issues – told me that it had successfully backed up last night prior to updating to WP 5.2.2. The message is still there saying it was successful – but there must have been a bug because no backup was made. So I am here with this issue, with no backup to fix it.

    ***Backstory – i have been developing this website and constantly updating different features for about 16 months now and this is the first time I’ve encountered this problem. I have no coding experience and I don’t know what this problem would be referred to as, so please – any help would be appreciated.

    Side note: I will not be able to see any responses until 22/07/2019 9am EST as that is when I will be back in the office, I will be able to respond to any help then, please don’t let that discourage you from offering support, I really need it.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • sange4499


    just to be clear – i believe it to be the whole static page that has this issue. The way I identified it was via looking at the menu item “products”(viewable on all pages but only affected on static home page) and the item called “Auto Frigo Cool Room Hire”, which should in fact read “Refrigeration for Cold Room Trailers”.

    You will see what I mean by simply going to any other page on my website and looking at the same menu as every other page is working as it should.


    Rui Cruz


    Are your hosting company using some sort ot caching system that is not related to WordPress but can cause you to see things that are already updated?

    Are you using any cache plugin (but it should not be able to cache wp-admin messages, so this may not be the case)?

    Also, try to clear cache in the browser and use a incognito window to make sure you’re seeinbg things without any local (your PC) cache.

    Read more about cache here:



    Hi Rui,

    Although I deleted my Cache on my pc when the issue occured, I did not think about disabling my WP super cache to see if that would clear up the issue and it did! I will be sure to set be more careful setting it up next time.

    Thank you so much for the help, that was incredibly stressful! I will definitely have a read of that cache info link you posted to learn more about it.

    Kind regards and thanks again

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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