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[Resolved] Home Page Responsive Theme

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  • Hi,

    You can add an unlimited number of widgets, just go to Appearance > Widgets and keep on adding 🙂

    Ad far as the third you probably can by not by default. Please see http://themeid.com/demo/responsive/ and under “Page Templates” you will see all available layouts. Also http://themeid.com/themes/shell-grid/ for the additional layouts and the last but not least visit our http://themeid.com/forum too.


    Can you tell me where can i change Home button to something else… i am searching for an hour now and I can seem to find it.


    Pakiman, from what I remember, all the buttons are with the css classes: [color][size] ex: blue medium

    It’s probably similar. You will have to open the homepage in an editor and search for the code.


    Please see http://themeid.com/forum/post/5682/#p5682 and register on our forum if more help is needed.


    When making sites using responsive I have always used static page and post page. This time I have a problem. I think the page I have developed from the theme as my front page is a post? It only loads as a frontpag when in settings-reading I have it set as Frontpage -display latest posts. I dont want to have to start from scratch. I have tried to play around with the settings but no luck. I cant actually see the frontpage as a page or post it loads directly from wordpress/. If i was to upload the site to the host would someone be able to anaylse what I have done wrong?

    I can not get the 3 widgets on the homne [page to load my info, no matter what I try nothing works, PLease help


    If you’re not contributing to the original poster, create your own thread.

    I dont understand what you mean, I am new to this.
    Kind regards

    Pleas see this http://themeid.com/forum/topic/849/wordpress-video-text-widgets/ also make sure that your Browser JavaScript’s enabled, restart your browser and try it again.


    Hi Emil, I dont know how to check to see if java script is enabled I imagine it ios, because I have another wordpress from a different company and the responsive theme works fine, its just this one. I have reloaded my browser, and still nothing.

    I have made such a mess of it now, I have lost my hjomepage completely, and all the widgets are along the right hand side of the page, none along the bottom.
    I dont know how to fix this either

    You can re-install the theme.

    good idea. I just saw there is an update, I clicked that and now have my site on the update themes tab, how do I edit this please . All I can get into is Manage themes, all my work is there. How ever when I click onto my site it is a mess, How do I edit manage themes? or even better, how do I get the work I have done from manage themes to my site?

    I can not even reload the responsive theme it keeps telling me its installed. When I look at widgets under <appearance> widgets> everything looks good. When I go back to my site all the side bars are there, even though I haven’t put anything there, my home page is missing,and the site is a mess. When I go to < Manage Themes> it all looks perfect, but not on my site. I can not edit under < manage themes>
    What the hell am I doing wrong?
    How do I get < manage themes> pages to my site page?



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    FTP into your site (or use whatever file management application your host provides) & delete the wp-content/themes/responsive folder. Then re-install the theme.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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