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  • Hello,

    I’m using Boutique and my home page is duplicating itself on the same (home) page. If you scroll down you can see the same content repeated once.

    The content has not been repeated in the HTML editor.

    I’ve deactivated all of the plugins to see if any of them were the problem and they weren’t.

    It’s worked beautifully until recently, and I noticed the change after a recent update. I’m not sure if it was the update for WP or for the theme itself.

    I’ve cleared the cache on Safari and have viewed with Firefox and Seamonkey on my laptop, and on an android tablet, all with the same duplicated home page.

    If I try with another theme the problem is fixed, though I would like to keep this theme if possible.

    Whether this is to do with the theme itself, or a WordPress update, or something else, is a mystery. Grasping at straws, and wondering if it could be duplicated information being stored in a file or another kind of cache?

    I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if you have solved it?

    Thanks for your time and best wishes,


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  • Hello again,

    To make things simple I’ve customised the Storefront theme and no longer using Boutique. It was quick to customise and very pleased with the results. Thanks for making these very good templates available for those of us starting out.



    Mikey Arce


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi Aeve,

    Thanks for the update on this! Glad you liked Storefront 🙂
    Keep an eye out for Storefront 2.0 – you can even test out the Beta and read about the improvements here:


    If anyone also has the problem with Boutique where any content added to your home page is repeated, please see this topic where the answer is detailed:

    In summary, place the following code into the Boutique child theme functions.php file. Adding this code removes the duplicated home page content.

    add_action( 'init', 'jk_edit_storefront_homepage' );
    function jk_edit_storefront_homepage() {
    remove_action( 'homepage', 'storefront_homepage_content',   10 );
    //remove_action( 'homepage', 'storefront_product_categories', 20 );
    //remove_action( 'homepage', 'storefront_recent_products',    30 );
    //remove_action( 'homepage', 'storefront_featured_products',  40 );
    //remove_action( 'homepage', 'storefront_popular_products',   50 );
    //remove_action( 'homepage', 'storefront_on_sale_products',   60 );

    IMHO this really needs to be corrected in a future update of the theme. Nice theme though!

    @pa_esp thanks! 🙂

    @aeve – You’re welcome! 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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