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    I have a separate Home page but when I click on “previous” link at the foot of the page it still shows the inserted text from the home page – and not the expected “normal” index page content. Is there a problem or is there something I need to change? My URL is

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  • That previous link is to the previous posts on your blog (thus the “Previous Entries”) – not the previous page you were on. (It’s not a like a “back” link.)

    If you want a link back your index, you’ll need to add that in yourself.

    Thanks FruitFly. I understand what you mean but I thought that the previous entry link when clicked would use the standard “index.php” code and not the “home.php” code when showing the next page. Any other ideas?

    Ahh, sorry. I’ve not worked with a home.php template before, and I didn’t understand that was what you were referring to. I don’t know if that’s expected behavior or not.

    Maybe someone else who has experience with home.php can help… should the previous link use index.php or home.php?

    I ran into the same thing a few months ago and never found a satisfactory answer – I ended up with using index.php and some horrible conditional statements.

    As to the behaviour, it is ‘correct’, but as with breger I would expect them to go to index.php. I guess there is a core file hack or perhaps someone is looking for a plugin suggestion….

    IanD – a plugin would be great!! Anyone???

    Sorry for dredging this up again, but I cannot find anything to get around this problem. Anyone have any ideas?

    I did it the same way. And that is suggested here:

    I tried to do something with is_home(), but that didn’t work, because the “next page” seems to be “home” as well.

    I read several times that people suggest to build a new category e.g. called “Blog” an put all the other categories in it. Than you can link to the Blog-cat to show all posts. But I don’t like that and the German Doku doesn’t, too:

    But i don’t understand how to use

    to get what we want… 🙁

    Sounds like I’ve hit on a problem that there’s no easy answer to. If there was a way to have static text above the normal posts on the first page then when “previous” link is clicked it would allow the normal index.php to take over with page 2 etc then we would be in business. I’m open to any ideas though!

    That easily can be done with an if_statement. See Conditional_Tags. The text you want only on the main page should be in a if is_home… etc. code.

    With the home.php – I also discovered recently that the prev-next don’t work with it. I guess, it’s time to post a bug report about it.

    Thanks Moshu. Is there any way I can use the index.php as a homepage with static text before the posts entries? I should also add that I would prefer this not to reappear on the next pages (when the “previous” link is clicked).

    breger, that’s exactly what I described in the post above.

    Sorry Moshu – not that good with understanding php. Can you explain if I need to use the “home.php” and insert the “if_home” code on it, or can I use the “index.php” and therefore get the use of the “previous” link which will not have the added text above the post entries?

    Sorry, if I wasn’t clear. The solution using the conditional tag if is_home is meant to be used with the index.php – so you could use the next-prev, too.
    As you can see from the Template_Hierarchy index.php can be used for almost everything…
    So by using the conditional you’d tell it: if we are on the main/home/first page of the blog ==> show this, else do your ordinary job 🙂

    As i described above i tried the “is_home”-thing on my home.php but the static content nevertheless appeared on the “previous”-page. THIS seems to be a bug.

    To make it concrete. My home.php or index.php looks like this:
    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <div id="content" class="narrowcolumn">
    <?php if (is_home()) { ?>
    <?php } ?>
    ...The Loop...

    But the “Welcome”-Headline is visible not only on but on as well.

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