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  • Hi, my problem is this:

    My web page:

    Internet users generally access the address by writing ‘vip ingilizce’ on the search engine. Although the website is active for 6 or 7 weeks, it doesn’t appear on the Google search results. However it appears on the first ranges on the Bing and Yahoo search engines with the same key words. Apart from this, except from the main web page, every new subject is indexed on Google without any problem. Content pages appear on
    the search resultswhen I use the ‘vip ingilizce’ key word and under this it says “show more results for” and when; I click on this the
    main page appears. However it doesn’t seem possible to access the main page by using the key word ‘vip ingilizce’.

    I contacted with three software firms about this.

    This 3 firms did not identify any error which causes that kind of problem.

    What can be the reason of this problem?

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  • If you are displaying in Bing and Yahoo but not in Google, then the problem is likely on Google’s end of things or maybe Google is ranking your site very lowly for some reason.

    You could try installing Google XML Sitemaps plugin, which might help Google crawl your site better…

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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