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  • Hi 🙂

    I am new to WordPress and trying to set up my first site. I am using the theme Pilot Fish, which I think is great, but I am trying to remove the ‘Home’ page from the menu bar. I have looked at various derivations of how to remove a ‘Home’ page from the menu bar on WordPress, but I haven’t managed to remove it. Could someone please help me to work out how to remove this? I understand that I may need to remove some lines from the code, but I can’t seem to work out which part!

    My website is:

    Thanks for your help, in advance, should it arise.

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  • Hi Danni and Eutrapelico,

    I’ve visited your blogs and I’ve seen that you have different projects into the page “works” and “projetos”. How it’s possible to do that?

    I’ve followed the steps that you suggested but the only things I get is a project empty with the same title of the menu (and I didn’t decide it) and some projects losted, I don’t know where, that not appeared into the page of projects.

    Can you explain me like I was a 6 years old child? 🙂

    Eutrapelico, can you do it in portuguese? Maybe I’ll understand better.

    Thank you, for your help.

    PD: I think I have problems with Permalinks.

    Hi there! I have just noticed my website doesn’t look good at all on Internet Explorer, the header is gone and menu is completely messed up! (it looks perfect on other browsers: Safari, GoogleChrome, Firefox…) Is there a way to make it look good on IE?

    Olá, Pasky.

    Me desculpe pela demora.
    A seana tem sido caótica por aqui.

    Vou tentar solucionar seu problema, ou me aproximar dele o máximo possível.

    O título da página pode ser mudado de “Projects” para “Works” ou “Projetos” ou qualquer outra coisa. Mas o permalink, não.
    OU seja:
    permalink =
    Título = “Projetos”, “Works”

    O título pode ser mudado à sua vontade, como se faz com os títulos de artigos ou páginas. Ok?

    Os projetos que você cria no item “Projects”, do painel de controle (Dashboard) devem seguir as orientações que fiz antes. Ok?


    To those who do not speak Portuguese, I will translate 😉

    The page title may be changed to “Projetos”, “Works” or anything else. But the permalink can’t be changed.

    permalink =
    Title = “Projetos”, “Works”

    The projects title can be changed like any usual page or post.
    But the projects you wish to have in the projects page must follow the settings as I posted above. 😉

    Thank you

    Hi Eutrapelico,

    I solved the problem.
    It was not my mental deficiency, lukly 🙂
    It was a problem of configuration of the server IIS of the damned Windows system.

    I changed the web.config archive on the server like suggested on the wp support foro and permalinks works.

    So I’ve configurated the theme and It works very good.
    Very soon I’ll link the blog to show it to you.

    If someone have problems with server IIS 7.x configuration see the solution on this page:

    Thank you for the interest.

    Hey there Daniel im using your theme and im unable to set the project page as page like you did i tried alot but its still showing as post (Date, Auther etc post stuff) how can i set that like you did??

    I’m sorry. How can I add url link to widget pictures in bottom of frontpage (lamp, gear, etc.) and not to ruin all style?

    I tried to do this with add an <img class=”aligncenter” src=”<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/images/bulb.png” alt=””> at sidebar-home.php but it ruined all style of frontpage.

    Can someone help?


    I am extremely new to the world of “website building” and therefore wordpress.
    I am helping my mother by trying to build a website for her caterer company.

    So here’s is my question:

    How can i change the trees image (hello world!)…?
    I know i has been answered already but unfortunately danni’s solution (to maria) didn’t work for me.

    Also i noticed that this section can be edited on the home.php editor…but i have no idea where to start there!

    Thanks for your help!

    Hi Juan,

    Thank you for downloading Pilot Fish! To replace the default trees photo on the landing page, you can go to “” and delete the picture called “home_banner.jpg”, name your desired background picture “home_banner.jpg” and upload to the same location.

    Hope it helps 🙂

    Hi all…

    Thanks to Danni for the themes…It’s really nice themes.
    can someone help me how to delete date and author text in all pages ???
    i’m newbie..

    Thank before.

    you can remove the <?php pilotfish_entry_meta(); ?> in the page.php file on line 56.

    Hi Danni,

    Thanks a lot for the fast response!
    I seemed to be at the right place….however, i couldn’t figure it out how to delete the home_banner.jpg link. Also, once i do that, how would i upload a picture?…from the library? …

    I apologize for my newbie questions!!…


    Hi Juan,
    You should do that through FTP, like filezilla, or through your hosting account.

    Hi everyone,

    one more thanks to Danni for the theme, i do enjoy playing around with it! Anyway, i just got a short question: I´m trying to change the colour of the subtitle-text on the upper side of the backgroung-image but it seems that ether i´m mindblinded or just dumb;-D

    Can someone please tell me the html-part where the colour-codes can be changed? I thought i looked through all of them but couldn´t find anything…

    Thanks a lot!


    Beautiful theme and great that you can adjust a lot of things to shape it to the things i want in the site.

    Small question: where can i find the code for the parallax scrolling? I want to make some adjustments or change the parallax scrolling and the home_banner.jpg for a plugin like Wow slider.

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