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  • Hi 🙂

    I am new to WordPress and trying to set up my first site. I am using the theme Pilot Fish, which I think is great, but I am trying to remove the ‘Home’ page from the menu bar. I have looked at various derivations of how to remove a ‘Home’ page from the menu bar on WordPress, but I haven’t managed to remove it. Could someone please help me to work out how to remove this? I understand that I may need to remove some lines from the code, but I can’t seem to work out which part!

    My website is:

    Thanks for your help, in advance, should it arise.

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  • you can remove it in the “Menus” under “Appearance” if you are using the custom menu.

    And if you are using page menu, you can go to the file “scripts.php” in the WP editor, and remove following lines:

     * Show Home Link in the Primary Navigation
    if (!function_exists('pilotfish_home_menu_args')):
    function pilotfish_home_menu_args( $args ) {
    	$args['show_home'] = true;
    	return $args;
    add_filter( 'wp_page_menu_args', 'pilotfish_home_menu_args' );

    Thank you so much. I did that and it worked!

    Hello Danni.

    I do not seem to have get hold of the features configurations settings.
    Care to help me to understand how do I get a page with a portfolio just like you had on the preview page and like it is set on your personal page?

    Besides, I do not seem to find any tutorial for any of the features. Care to give a summary?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Eutrapelico,

    To display the portfolio page, please create a new page, and set the page template to “Project Archive”, then change the slug to “project”. Or add the custom link “” to your menu.

    If the page still displays an Error 404, you may need to update your “Permalinks” for the page to work. Just go to “Permalinks” under “Settings”, and save it again 😉

    Thank you very much Danni! 😉
    Quite simple and easy to do. Like it should be expected from a thinker developer. 😉

    Just one thing though.
    I had issues with the three icon images with the short texts under them (which I customized for portuguese and for a text of my own) on the home page, when I tried to add an image for my logo, instead of the text.
    They disappeared and I did not seem to find a way to bring them back. 🙁

    I am using your pilot fish theme on

    Best regards 😀 Thank you very much once again

    to change the “think/design/develop” pictures, you can upload your pictures to “” and edit them in the sidebar-home.php in the wp editor. You can check out this link for more information: Screenshot

    Hope it helps (^^)

    Ah, in fact, I liked the pictures. That was not an issue. 😉

    My problem was when I changed the blog title to be shown as an image in the header.
    Where it now shows in blue, I wanted to exchange for an image.
    I did that, but the logo image made the “think/design/develop” pictures and texts be gone. 🙁

    I do not know why.

    By the way, the “previous” and “next” buttons are correct for the Eastern standards (right to left) but it is opposite for the Western standards (left to right). In case you wish to make it western-friendly 😉

    Hi Danni,

    Thank you for all of your advice. May I ask how it is that one uploads images to a specified URL? I can upload to the WordPress Media Library but I don’t know how to upload to the URL you suggested?

    Help is much appreciated.


    Hi Danni.

    I am building a website on pilot fish ( and I would like to change the trees image on the home page. How can I do it.

    Thank you!

    To Eutrapelico:

    Do you mean that I should switch the “previous” and “next”??

    To Nico:

    you can do that through ftp or through your hosting account. It’s outside WordPress.

    Hi, Danni.
    Exactly. It would be good to switch the “previous” and “next”, so that most people from West could find it reading-friendly.
    I do not know if your statistics shows more downloads (and usage) of your template on East or West. So you do what you find best for your public. 😉

    By the way, did you get the issue with the logo header and the “think/design/develop” pictures and texts? I simply lose them if I add an image to the header.

    To Maria:

    Thank you for choosing my theme 🙂

    To replace the default trees photo, you can go to “” and delete the picture called “home_banner.jpg”, name your desired background picture “home_banner.jpg” and upload to the same location.

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