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  • i have a problem with setting the home page properly (yes i’ve visited tutorial sites on creating the home page). I want to display my latest posts but only from one category. I am a little bit lost as what i get doesn’t really makes sense for me;)

    (my page: – now set to ‘latest posts’)

    when i choose from reading settings i get:

    1. Latest posts – a sidebar, featured slider, six posts (excerpts) of the category i chose – galeria (only one page of posts and no: “1,2,3,4…8” menu – sorry no idea how to name this one)
    1. Static page – Front page – no sidebar, featured slider, six posts (excerpts) of the category i chose – galeria (only one page of posts and no: “1,2,3,4…8” menu)
    2. Static Page – Posts page – a sidebar, no featured slider, six posts (full) but of all categories not the one i’d like it to be and 1,2,3,4…8 menu

    I would like:
    -a sidebar
    -featured slider
    -six posts (full) on the front page
    -ability to see older posts – 1,2,3,4….8 menu

    i spent a looot of time trying to figure it out and i can’t find a proper solution. please help

    my settings: reading
    home layout
    home page settings

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  • Have you tried widgets? Maybe try WP-PageNavi or something like that.

    However I have similar problem and it didn’t work for me. I have this website: and at the bottom of the page I’d like to have option like “older posts” or something like this. This is in “Latest Blog Posts” area and I have no idea how to change it. It shows only maximum 8 posts and I’d like to be able to see the older ones too (I have 11 of them on my page right now). Any ideas?

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    @designep: Hmm I think I understand what you are wanting but I don’t think it can be done that way. Try this, I think it’s the closest I can think of.
    1. Make your home page the latest post page.
    2. Make the home layout have the page content module not the latest post module
    3. At the very bottom of the theme options home setting page make sure the summary is set to full post
    4. Make 6 posts you want on the home page sticky

    That should get you close to want you want?

    Let me know.

    @bahiaoawi: Make your home page the latest posts page, then make sure the latest posts module is not activated and the page content is.

    Kadence Themes

    @Kadence Themes – thank you for your reply. I came up with something else. I put “Icon Menu” box at the bottom of the page and when you click it it goes to page that shows posts from only one category. It’s not perfect but it’s working.

    P.S. Do you know how to set this icon button “Wszystkie posty” (at the bottom) to the center of page?

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    This should work.

    .homeitemcount1 {
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    float: none;

    Kadence Themes

    It works! Thank you very much! :))

    I need assist with my site currently at, I am having issues making the footer columns link to pages so when a client click it, it goes to the page. I tried loading the picture in the widgets section and even using custom url and nothing.

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    You are using the “about with image” widget and it doesn’t do linking, I would get a plugin that has a widget for image linking or use the text widget and add your own links and images…

    I may add this to the widget though in the future.

    Kadence Themes

    unfortunately it didnt work exctly how i wanted, i chose 6 ‘sticky posts’ but it now shows 8 posts on the home page 6 sticky + 2 latest (though i chose to show only 6 posts) maybe there is a posibility to choose an existing category page as my home page? i have a link ( but it’s not in “pages”.

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    The amount of posts should be set in your wordpress settings > reading, not your theme settings. Did you put 6 there?

    There really isn’t a way to make a category page your home page, you could use a redirect plugin but thats really not a great way.

    Kadence Themes

    You stated an image linking widget. I am new to this do you have any suggestions as to which ones?

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    Akshay Prasad


    can i change the maximum number of images on the home layout?Currently it supports a maximum of 26 images but i want to make it 40…..Plz help soon..



    Hey Akshay Prasad,
    By images do you mean blog posts? Do you mind starting a new thread and posting a link? 🙂

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